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Luxury couples retreats


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We all know that setting time aside to clear your mind and recharge is good for your mental health and wellbeing.

Couples deserve to get away! They work hard and they play harder. So how do you get away from it all to rekindle that spark of romance which the ennui of everyday life can inevitably smother? By heading off to a luxury couples retreat. We know that setting time aside to clear your mind and recharge is good for your mental health and wellbeing. However, aside from the personal benefits that taking a...

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Screenshot 2023 01 25 at 16.43.27. Img_3958. Flag of England

New Year, New Me, New Skin: The Revive Room

There’s a chill in the air that I happily escape as I step inside Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy by Grosvenor Square (which also houses Nazmeen Khaliq’s Revive Room). The nature of the location is a reflection of Khaliq’s ethos of delivering a more natural, holistic approach to beauty and skincare. She first embarked on her beauty journey at the age of 16, working the cosmetic counters at Clarins and Estee Lauder whilst training for her beauty therapist qualifications. Though her first role saw her gaining experience with popular mainstream treatments at a beauty salon, after a few years and an IBS flare-up to boot, she shifted gears and joined a natural pharmacy where she absorbed everything she could from the homeopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists who worked there. She has now branched out and has grown a roster of high profile clients and a loyal following who turn to her for bespoke treatments and programmes fashioned in her own unique style.

Diego gennaro mz6t330_ntg unsplash. Screenshot 2023 01 19 at 14.07.58. Flag of Italy

La Dolce Vita in Sicilia: The 5-star ADLER Spa Resort

On a Saturday evening in serene Sicily, my pulse is racing at a rate of knots as sweat trickles down my face and the temperature continues to rise. I feel like I'm sweltering away in a furnace; an exuberant man wafts a towel in front of me as chill-out tunes play in the background. Taking deep breaths as the towel is swung around frenetically to whip my heart rate even higher in searing heat, I know that I am indeed fast approaching boiling point.But just like that, I suddenly feel reinvigorated as I'm presented with a handful of ice cubes that I press against my neck to cool off. I'd been experiencing 'Aufguss', a multi-sensory wellness ritual in which an ‘Aufgussmeister’ douses infused water onto hot stones, circulating fragrant air in a panoramic sauna at the idyllic new Adler Spa Resort Sicilia.

Nick karvounis 3_zgrsirryy unsplash. Nimb_2017_lasse_salling_02 1673447599. Flag of Denmark

The Valentine's Travel Edit - Copenhagen

With only 48 hours to spare in Denmark's capital, I truly wanted to make the most of my time there - whilst (rather juxtaposingly) also have a relaxing, weekend city break away from the hustle & bustle of London. Yet, I had to look no further than Nimb Hotel, a through-the-looking-glass castle of escapist bliss. After arriving late on a Friday evening flight, we were welcomed with a friendly smile by the charming Peter, eager to assist us in whatever way he could throughout our stay. The service and attention to detail was impeccable, and a reflection of the Danish spirit – quintessentially hygge with a soupçon of romantic flair. Nimb Hotel is Scandi luxury personified. With only 38 guest rooms, the castle is a fresh breath of tranquility, stood gallantly behind the magnificent Tivoli Gardens (the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world which Nimb guests also get free access too!), and has been preserved and updated with an idyllic blend of grandiose Moorish architecture and sleek, boutique Scandi finishes. The fanciful Nimb Hotel also hosts a variety of other arts and culture on its grounds, garden parties, wine tastings, and opera and jazz concerts on the roof.

Poppy delbridge. Tapping expert poppy delbridge. Flag of England

Poppy Delbridge on How to Manifest Your Dream Life

Wherever you are and whatever the state of your inner world, there is power in acknowledging the feelings attached but knowing it’s possible, should you wish, to transform them into something else entirely and have only the best and most rewarding aspects reflect tangibly in your lived experience. That’s where “conscious manifestation” comes in and where motivational speaker, energy psychologist, and tapping specialist, Poppy Delbridge, excels. For the uninitiated, “tapping” is a science-backed “emotional freedom technique.” This results-driven method involves using the fingertips on meridian points, such as on the face and body, to dissipate and remove emotional tension. The practice - with Harvard research to back up the benefits - has also been known to eliminate physical pain, change poor habits, and even cure phobias.

A last minute beauty gift guide! (1). Enecta cannabis extracts 80wckpt ike unsplash 1671100429. Flag of England

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Beauty & Wellness Edition

There’s nothing worse than suddenly realising that you've forgotten to buy a Christmas gift for someone on your list - it's happened to even the most organised of us! Christmas can be very hectic; between all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, and prepping for the big day - so something is always bound to go wrong! The good news is that you’ve realised before it’s too late, and there is still plenty of time to muster up a meaningful gift for your loved one.

Image_6483441 (1) 1670332946. Image_6483441 (1) 1670332692. Flag of United_kingdom

Amly - Botanical Elixirs to Feed Your Skin

The additional benefit is how it envelopes the senses every time you scoop out or apply a droplet onto your face. The restorative ingredients and the therapeutic scent that it comes with makes one feel and know that they’re giving their skin the best type of treatment and vitamins for well nourished skin. 

294372118_5535620393149397_3387504308965706814_n (1). Jd1027 tranquilityjpg. Flag of Ireland

Women Who Launch: Gillian Woods of Jane Darcy

Jane Darcy is Woods’ luxury lifestyle brand which sell home fragrances, candles, diffusers, 100% silk accessories and a bath and body line. I was able to test out a few of their products such as the Luxury Silk Sleep Set in a gorgeous champagne colour, which included the softest 22 momme 100% mulberry silk eye mask (I now use it every night!), pillow case, and hair scrunchies, making for the perfect gift for someone who deserves a relaxing night in. I also tried some items from their bath and body collection, formulated with natural organic olive extract, giving them a relaxing aroma and a rich velvety feel that soaks into the skin and moisturises without feeling tacky. When I asked Woods about how she decides on which products to create, she turns to the same two people who inspired her brand’s name, her daughters (whose middle names are Jane and Darcy). “I created the silk scrunchies and pillowcases for their skin and hair and eye masks because my daughters don’t sleep unless it’s pitch dark,” she shares. Whilst her collection is perfect for anyone who, like her daughters, suffer from sensitive skin, Woods is passionate about how using her products makes her customers feel. “I wanted to encourage not just myself but the people around me to treasure the simple moments in life, the moments that matter the most,” she explains. “I wanted to create products that would encourage people to take time for themselves. We are all so busy these days so it’s more important than ever to take stock of the little moments. I want to change peoples’ lives for the better, one product at a time. Sounds cliché but it’s true.” On this edition of Women Who Launch, I speak with Woods about her go-to wellness ritual and why she’s never afraid to ask for help.

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Diptyque - The Perfect Treat Yourself Gift

The act of purchasing a luxury candle for yourself, unboxing it, lighting it for the first time and taking in the captivating scent whether you’re on the couch reading a good book, or trying to navigate your evenings after school pick-up's with the children running about whilst you’re preparing dinner (like me) make it a little bit more calmer (and elegant) when you’ve got your Diptyque candle lit.

Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars copy feature 1669725147. Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars. Flag of England

Michael Isted on Supercharging Superfoods, Sustainably

Michael Isted, co-founder of Phyto Nectars - a new breed of superfood drinks made from functional blends of plant and mushroom powders - speaks to The Sybarite about what practises the business has embraced to ensure that consumers, the community, and our environment all come out on top. The drinks company has invested in small, community-based cooperatives and farmers, where it sources the plants and mushrooms used in its blends. These cooperatives support the farmers and the wellbeing of their families by providing them with food, clothes, medicine, and transport. They also support the biodiversity and regeneration of the land by encouraging and working with the farmers to ensure that different plant species are planted. Additionally, all of the Phyto Necars packaging is entirely recyclable and the business has every intention of upgrading and evolving into more sustainable solutions alongside technological advancements in this area.

Ilody seres serum. Pippa campbell super greens. Flag of England

Wellness Gifts for Health, Happiness, Fitness, and Beauty

Be it a Christmas gift, birthday present, or something special for another occasion entirely, our gifting edit below is composed of the best and latest items and experiences spanning health, fitness, beauty, skincare, and more. Our lineup of thoughtful, high-end, and wholesome gift ideas will save you time, energy, and headspace, so your schedule outside of work is freed up for quality time with loved ones, as opposed to trawling through generic gifting roundups elsewhere on the web. Read on to learn which wellness gifts are worth it, how best to use each one, where to buy them and, of course, what they'll cost.

The sanctuary main house suite at como parrot cay. Cayo grand villa view. Flag of Turks

The World’s Best Hotel Suites for Rest and Relaxation

Whether you're on the lookout for an escape to a private island or a sanctuary in the city - just away from the hustle and bustle of people and traffic - read on to see what our contributor Ollie Poole has to share about our edit of places to get away from it all. Our suggestions below have been carefully curated to give you the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing somewhere to hole up for a few days to a couple of weeks. If you're keen to kick off the year right, take a break between hectic work projects, or ignore a barrage of social invites, these suites at some of The Sybarite's favourite hotel properties across the globe will cater to your every need.

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