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Sam Harris’ Making Sense Podcast

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This is perhaps an unconventional present idea, for the thinking and thoughtful man.

The consumption of media is changing around us at an unbelievable rate. Podcasting is a phenomenon, and Sam Harris is one of its juggernauts. The beauty of the format to its makers, is that they can't be de-platformed, they control their own production, and distribution is de-centralised, effectively granting them complete autonomy over their content.

And with no scheduling windows, or network...

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Oona series. Catie miller of oona series. Flag of United_kingdom

Our lifestyle expert reviews Oona series

However, I was instantly impressed by how lively and expressive she was through the screen, making it immediately feel like we were in the same room. Miller is the CEO and creative director of Oona Series, which she launched alongside co-founder Boniface Verney-Carron. We’re having an introductory chat before I start my one-month trial of the platform so that I could get an idea of how Oona came to be. “Oona Series is a personally curated space dedicated to the alignment of the physical, mental, and social. Born for those in pursuit of one's complete self. Rooted in my eternal passion of dance and movement,” says Miller. She tells me about how she first met Verney-Carron at her Marylebone studio where she was training his wife. “I remember vividly Boniface walking into one of my classes. It was a Saturday morning and the session was fully booked. He ran in with his motorcycle helmet and quickly jumped into class. He proceeded to move through my Barre class with an impeccable technique which instantly had me intrigued,” she shares.

Vicky_dondos_portraits. Vicky dondos with a patient. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of The Luxury Insider reviews – the Queen of positive ageing

When we met, she was the beauty presenter on ITV1’s This Morning, which she did for 15 years, alongside her work as beauty editor of Hello! magazine. Now a huge YouTube star, she shares the beauty and lifestyle secrets that she’s learned over the years to thousands of subscribers. When we met I was just 21, now I am 41, her words to me then, ‘Don’t have Botox until you are 40!’ - It felt like such a long time to wait. But the years passed quickly and my young wrinkle free skin began to show signs of motherhood, sleepless nights and a life of working hard and playing hard.  Botox became my friend and for the first 6-12 months I was relatively happy with the results. However that was until Nadine introduced me to a cosmetic doctor, who I now hope will be in my life forever! Dr Vicky Dondos is regarded as one of the UK's ‘best face-perfecting doctors’ by the British press and is highly regarded for her sophisticated application of Botox, fillers and lasers - and after meeting her it was easy to see why.

Adam architect dentist london. Architect dentist - woman in chair. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Perfect your smile at Smile Architect dentists on 111...

With so many stories of botched cosmetic procedures and dodgy dental work, it’s important that you know that you are getting the best treatment out there. For the past year I have been a patient at Smile Architect in Harley Street, a private practice owned and run by Dr Adam Slade. Adam is a very experienced dental surgeon and has extensive experience in Prosthodontics and implant placement. He was awarded Master of Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics) in 2004 from London University having studied at Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Dental Institute to add to his other dental qualifications. I first met Adam when I was working on a documentary series which saw patients who had medical treatment disasters corrected. Adam was the resident dental expert correcting their smiles. It was then that I watched some of his more invasive and technically skilled work first-hand. Our case studies would arrive with very complicated issues, many needing all their teeth removed.

Everatti. Everatti drive. Flag of United_kingdom

The luxury Gent, in conversation with Justin Lunny, CEO...

Owning vinyl too, choosing the album to buy carefully, and handling it with care. The soft hiss of anticipation before the first track starts… But sometimes, sometimes you want to listen to that half-remembered song that you used to love and being able to stream it digitally in crystal-clear high-fidelity, well that immediacy is special too. The great privilege of our age is having access to both. We were lucky enough to sit down with Justin Lunny, founder and CEO of Everrati, who are bringing the best of both worlds, the analogue artistry and the digital performance, to the world of motoring. Everrati are both literally and metaphorically, electrifying classic cars. They lovingly restore classics, and offer a very special upgrade; they can strip out the engine, gearbox and any smoky, noisy bits, and replace them with an electric powertrain. Thereby they bring decades of performance increase, and ease of use (to say nothing of green credentials and everyday usability) to some of the most beautiful pieces of automotive engineering ever to be set on 4 wheels. Here's what Justin had to say:

Jason collier. Jason collier 300x300. Flag of United_kingdom

The Luxury Insider reviews - Behind the Scenes with Jason...

Jason Collier is a hairstylist to the stars, he has an impressive client list which has included Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Laura Whitmore and Sienna Miller.  In 2017 he was named London's Best Colourist in the London Beauty Awards, and in 2018 he was named Best Stylist in the Marie Claire Hair Awards 2018. For Jason, becoming a hairstylist was his calling, his mum was a hairdresser and he remembers her styling his nan's hair in the kitchen every weekend. Then at 14, he started at a salon back home in Cardiff before heading to Toni & Guy where he did his basic training. When he was just 17 he moved to London and started with Cobella - after that his career went from strength to strength. His work has allowed him to tour the globe demonstrating incredible hair looks and working with some incredible brands. However luckily for us London ladies he is back in the UK.

OA Osteoallies sign. Osteo Allies Waiting Room. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of Award winning osteopath and A-lister Osteo Allies

Osteo Allies was founded by sisters Reena and Anisha Joshi and has three clinics in Marylebone, Surrey, and Hertfordshire. An integral part of their mission is to introduce osteopathy to a new generation of clients to give more people the opportunity to embrace the practice in their daily lives. Preventative care, injury rehabilitation, and dealing with chronic pain management are just some of the reasons loyal clients and A-listers flock to the Osteo Allies clinics. I visited their Marylebone outpost earlier this year to meet with osteopath Michael Burrows. The waiting area’s teal, pink, and gold colour scheme is the first sign of the modern qualities the brand is embracing and the younger audience they are targeting. Before my treatment, I answered a questionnaire that gave the team an idea of my needs, health history, and any questions or concerns I wanted to address.

Victoria beckham make up. Lipstick victoria beckham. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of Victoria Beckham Beauty - The clean beauty choice in...

It prides itself on being a clean beauty brand, being an agent for change when it comes to non-harmful ingredients and the impact it has on the environment. What we noticed first was the collection and range of products, that it was limited to eyes, lips and skincare. No foundations or blushes. Secondly the price point being accessible. For this review we chose six products including the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser, two lip definers in shade 01 and 03, the Future Lash Mascara, the Bitten Lip Tint in Cherie and the Smoky Eye Brick Palette in Signature. We tried to go as subtle as possible so that these shades would suit any skin colour. Upon doing a swatch test on our arms we found the colours and pigments to be absolutely beautiful, gliding on with one stroke which means that you don't need to apply more than once to get the pigmentation to be visible. Perhaps what we love most about Victoria Beckham's Beauty range is that the collection is minimal and concentrated, where performance means more than a plethora of makeup categories and where transparency in what is used in these products are part of their brand values.

Spoke london 3 scaled. Randies underwear. Flag of United_kingdom

The Luxury Gent Recommends - The Finest Men's Clothing

Starting to write this article has forced me to confront a few truths about myself with respect to my clothes, the largest of which is that I'm a creature of habit. Immensely, and profoundly. Subsequently, there are some habits I love and protect passionately, and some I'm eager to kick. There are no free lunches though, so loyalty is earned, not freely given. Let's start with Timberlands, I love Timberland boots and they have earned my adoration, they've been a staple of my wardrobe for years. In fact, I've bought a new pair of the same Timberland boots when they’ve worn out every 18 – 24 months for nearly 27 years. They're hands-down, the shoes I wear most often. I've never found better, more comfortable and sturdier boots whose aesthetic I like so much. Other habits though, I'm chomping at the bit to relegate to the history bin. Mostly, these habits are due to two predominant factors, I don't like shopping for clothes, and I'm frustrated by expensive stuff that is either or both poor in function or longevity.

Kensington MediSpa. Toa heftiba a9pfsc8dtlo unsplash. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of The Luxury Insider Reviews Kensington MediSpa

When a friend and I booked a girly birthday treat we headed straight to Kensington MediSpa for what I can only describe as one of the best facials I’ve ever experienced. The spa is positioned inside the Royal Garden Hotel, just a few minutes walk from Kensington High street tube station. The hotel itself is actually closed due to a big refurbishment and will be opening later in 2022. It’s quite hard to currently find the spa, which is down a lift into the basement - however once you enter it’s doors, it’s a million miles from the busy suburban streets above. As one of the leading skin and aesthetics clinics in town, the team at Kensington MediSpa know a thing or two about delivering TLC. They offer a range of treatments, including EMSCULPT, Strawberry Lift, HydraFacial and ELEMIS Biotech facials, using the latest industry tech to bring you real results and help you relax too.

Dimple amanis miracle velvet facial.  kansa wand . Flag of United_kingdom

Review of Our lifestyle expert reviews Dimple Amani’s miracle...

Amani delivers a different type of treatment to a traditional facial—there’s no exfoliation (unless the client really needs it) or cleaning, rather Amani prefers to work from the inside out. She specialises in face and body sculpting and shaping treatments where she leverages techniques that promote lymphatic drainage to get the desired results. Her treatments are rooted in Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems that targets the whole body. “It’s more about the technique than the product, and this is what people don’t understand—the product is for aftercare and the technique is where the magic lies,” explains Amani. Amani’s magic hands are sought after by everyone from London high society to Bollywood actresses. “I see some clients right before they go on set to make sure their skin is plump and they’re glowing in front of the camera,” she says.

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