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Meet Gillian Woods of Jane Darcy

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Present, happy, and free-spirited. These three words are how Gillian Woods would describe the Jane Darcy woman.

Jane Darcy is Woods’ luxury lifestyle brand which sell home fragrances, candles, diffusers, 100% silk accessories and a bath and body line. I was able to test out a few of their products such as the Luxury Silk Sleep Set in a gorgeous champagne colour, which included the softest 22 momme 100% mulberry silk eye mask (I now use it every night!), pillow case, and hair scrunchies, making for the perfect gift...

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Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars copy feature 1669725147. Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars. Flag of England

Michael Isted on Supercharging Superfoods, Sustainably

Michael Isted, co-founder of Phyto Nectars - a new breed of superfood drinks made from functional blends of plant and mushroom powders - speaks to The Sybarite about what practises the business has embraced to ensure that consumers, the community, and our environment all come out on top. The drinks company has invested in small, community-based cooperatives and farmers, where it sources the plants and mushrooms used in its blends. These cooperatives support the farmers and the wellbeing of their families by providing them with food, clothes, medicine, and transport. They also support the biodiversity and regeneration of the land by encouraging and working with the farmers to ensure that different plant species are planted. Additionally, all of the Phyto Necars packaging is entirely recyclable and the business has every intention of upgrading and evolving into more sustainable solutions alongside technological advancements in this area.

Mignon francois  photo credit_ the cupcake collection. Assorted cupcakes 2  credit rebecca denton photography. Flag of United_states

Women Who Launch - Mignon Francois, The Cupcake Collection

“I always thought I was going to be a surgeon. I even went to Xavier University of New Orleans to become a doctor but I just couldn’t apply the science to the human body. 17 years later, it ended up serving me in the kitchen when I started to learn how to bake and create recipes for The Cupcake Collection.” says Mignon Francois, the founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection (TCC), an award-winning multi-million-dollar business and one of the top bakeries in the United States. Though Francois first turned to baking at a time when she was struggling financially, the entrepreneur has definitely turned things around. Aside from having queues at the door upon launching a new signature flavour, The Cupcake Collection has evolved into a real destination bakery with fans travelling from across the country to their locations in Nashville and New Orleans, to get a taste of what Francois and her team are cooking up next. For those who are unable to make the trek to their two locations, TCC delivers nationwide in the States as well. Menu items are split into cupcakes, cakes, and even pupcakes for pooches with a sweet tooth. Whilst it’s her sweet potato cupcakes that have been the talk of the town, other yummy delights include the sweet lemonade cupcake, the sprinkle surprise birthday cake, and the toddler favourite, the smash cake.

Santa brands and revolve collab lookbook 26 1668724720. Santa brands founder yana stanislavska. Flag of Ukraine

Santa Brands’ Yana Stanislavska on Creativity and Resilience

Its founder, Yana Stanislavska, is more determined than ever to see its continued success through challenging times. “It’s hard to cope with something as gruesome as a ballistic missile landing 300 metres from your bedroom but somehow we all manage to carry on,” she says, of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted herself and her team. “Staying creative and always being on the run is a good way to stay sane in any circumstances.” The label’s partywear packs plenty of versatility and has been a hit with influencers - think Leonie Hanne and Chiara Ferragni - and members of the global style set. Shimmering sparkles, ultra-light feather cuffs, and sheer fabrics with rhinestone embellishments are but a few things that make Santa Brands garments so alluring. While it's these bold details that first capture your attention, what makes the label so successful is having perfected these best-selling designs - the sparkly dresses, skirt and trouser co-ord sets, etc. - and creating equally wearable garments and accessories to complement them, such as its “Crystal Basque”, “Moonlight Panama” hat, and single-breasted fitted “Lemon Jacket.”

Max kukurudziak qbc3zmxw0g8 unsplash. Screenshot 2022 11 14 at 17.30.31. Flag of Ukraine

Women Who Launch: Meet Authentic_UA founders Yulia...

Authentic_UA was conceived by two Ukrainian-born women, Yulia Rorstrom and Eka Kapanadze, in efforts to provide a vital focal point for the celebration and exposure of Ukrainian fashion in London, whilst also raising funds for their home country that is currently at war with Russia. The founder of Duck & Dry - Yulia partnered with fashion stylist Eka, to host & curate the event, showcasing over 20 Ukrainian brands over a four week period November 7th - December 4th in Yulia's London salons: the Mayfair Duck & Dry location until Nov 20th, and the Chelsea Duck & Dry location until Dec 4th. Not only does this encourage Londoners to directly support these Ukrainian fashion brands & designers financially, helping sustain an industry facing a turbulent future, but Authentic_UA has also pledged to donate between 30% - 50% from every sale to 'Rebuild Ukraine Together', a charity set up by Yulia supporting Ukrainians during the war and working with volunteers on the ground to directly procure and distribute critical supplies The Sybarite had the amazing opportunity to sit down & chat with Yulia & Eka about Authentic_UA, fashion in Ukraine and their personal motivations for creating this brilliant feat!

Kaai co founders ine & helga in store. Kaai founders ine & helga behind the scenes. Flag of Belgium

Women Who Launch: Meet KAAI Co-founders Ine and Helga

We discuss KAAI’s scale-up journey, celebrating the brand’s 4th anniversary, its recent Paris pop-up store, and what’s next for the Antwerp-based handbag label. Since its 2017 launch, the business has charmed a growing fan-base of women with its ever-evolving range of high quality work-life bags. A KAAI bag will never compromise on style or substance and its “Carry your life” ethos holds true thanks to its “By women, for women” design strategy. Interviews with successful modern women have helped the team identify exactly what their needs are when it comes to bags and the gripes are universal; dependable work bags pack too masculine a punch and the more stylish models are impractical and amplify chaos. As for the name KAAI, meaning “The Quay” in Dutch, which was chosen to reflect Antwerp’s vibrant energy and the ever-moving waters of the River Scheldt, it also captures the fluidity of the modern woman’s day-to-day life.

Heidi fin 2tlrezi7bug unsplash 1667495629. Xianjuan hu upypcsbici4 unsplash. Flag of England

What Will Luxury Retail Look Like In A Web3 Environment?

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (Web 1.0) in 1989 so academics and organisations could post and share data. However, users could only view this information; they couldn't interact with it or change it in any way. Web 2.0 is the term we now use for what was created to improve upon the original iteration with user-generated content that people can consume and interact with. It's a platform that lets consumers share their opinions and purchase products, completely changing the retail industry. Now that we are highly dependent on the Internet, it's easy to become a victim of fraud or hacking simply because all our personal data is exposed. This need for privacy has led to a technology revolution where we aim to produce a new version of the World Wide Web that addresses such issues. We call this next-generation web, Web 3. As we approach Web3, we're seeing the rise of a new kind of retail experience. This version uses advanced technologies to create a seamless consumer shopping experience. Augmented and virtual reality, autonomous delivery vehicles, machine learning, and more are all being used in new ways to improve online shopping and make it more personalised.

Fairmont windsor park spa japanese ayishu foot bath 1667312961. Meet emlyn brown gvp of wellbeing at accor. Flag of France

Meet Emlyn Brown, Global VP of Wellbeing at Accor

Join The Sybarite as we chat with Accor’s Global Vice President of Wellbeing, Emlyn Brown, about how the group is elevating the scope and depth of their guest experiences. And with an interest in luxury at an all-time high, it makes sense that wellbeing is an important aspect of the product offering; one that encompasses not only subtle enhancements such as improving noise control but more obvious ones, like in-room fitness, for instance. Read more to learn what you can expect from an Accor stay and how the hotel group is growing with new offerings.

Screenshot 2022 10 25 at 11.38.34. Screenshot 2022 10 25 at 12.00.31. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The Rise of Rishi: Britain's Richest Prime Minister

The UK's 3rd Prime Minister in 2022, Sunak is a relatively new figure on the political scene, emerging back in 2020 when he was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by Boris Johnson. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was popular by the standards of British politics, described by one analyst as having "better ratings than any politician since the heydays of Tony Blair", his recognition accumulating in 2022 when he participated in the Tory Leadership Race against Liz Truss. Although losing out for the role of PM originally, the following terrible 6 weeks of governance by Truss and her cabinet meant that after 49 days, Sunak was finally given the keys to No. 10. Described as the "British Establishment's version of progress", today we're taking a look at Rishi Sunak's rise to power.

Ffern   owen mears & emily cameron   photo credit elena heatherwick (2). Lipr   ffern, autumn 22. photographer kednal noctor (11). Flag of United_kingdom

Exclusive Organic Perfumes made in the Heart of the...

Ffern, an organic perfumery, appears four times a year, always in a different form with different base and head notes and new ingredients and accords. Created in both Somerset and east London by brother and sister Owen Mears and Emily Cameron, they are counting down the days till the release of their fragrant autumn equinox and winter solstice scents. Somerset’s self-described “quietly disruptive perfumers”, blend, barrel-age, bottle & release their organic, small batch, limited-run fragrance four times a year. “We’re really proud of finding the sense of each season’s fragrance,” says Owen. “We don’t try and reinvent the wheel every season - we try to evolve and build on what has come before.” For each fragrance, Ffern sources the best in organic, sustainably harvested natural ingredients and distils at source wherever possible. Sustainability has been woven into every area of Ffern which is one of the first perfume makers to create entirely recyclable bottles.

171019_ katedaudy_03 1664209085. Screenshot 2022 09 15 at 15.30.13. Flag of United_kingdom

Women In Art: Kate Daudy & The NFT Gallery

Situated on the historical Dover Street famed for its parade of London clubs, hotels and contemporary art galleries, The NFT Gallery is Mayfair’s first physical NFT Gallery to open. One of the first of its kind in Europe, the female-founded and female-first gallery is an exciting new physical space for art collectors and creators alike to purchase, produce and learn about NFTs and digital art. Existing to make NFTs more tangible, from the moment you step inside the gallery you are thrust into an immersive experience. The mirrored floor functions analogously: refracting and reframing its digital and colourful surroundings, where one can enjoy the curated selection of NFTs in a physical space, as well as online.

Thebombardierglobalexpressxrsinterior min_85390a1e76f66279def565020c226b9e_2000. Flag of United_kingdom

In Defence of Private Jets: The Truth About Luxury Charters

On the evening of Saturday 10th September, embassies worldwide received a private document advising leaders, where possible, to board commercial flights to the UK for the Queen’s State Funeral. Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, said he would be attending the service in his official jet. This follows months of increasing outcry on social media over the use of private jets by A-list celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift, who’ve allegedly racked up 68 and 170 trips this year, respectively. However, the fact of the matter is, private jet charters have experienced an unprecedented growth which the industry expects to continue, and not just thanks to celebrities and world leaders. Here, Andy Christie, Director of Private Jets at Air Charter Service, shares the industry growth they’ve experienced from momentum gained at the start of the global pandemic.

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