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Golf's DP World Tour has signed a three-year partnership agreement with Berkhamsted's OCEANTEE that sees the company become the Tour's Official Sustainable Products Supplier.

Founded by trained marine biologist and qualified accountant Ed Sandison, OCEANTEE is on a mission to change how the industry and golfers think about plastic use and its environmental impact. The company was the first to produce golf tees made from bamboo - one of the fastest-growing and, therefore, renewable plants in the world - and has accessories and a men's and women's clothing range made entirely...

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Diriyah_5_54_cmyk_300pp1. 20190807_coco.pr_.agency17777_roberto grilli_jpg 300dpi 1. Flag of United_kingdom

Roberto Grilli: The mastermind lighting up Formula E

Recently appointed to manage the Formula E - Diriyah ePrix in Saudi Arabia, Roberto tells The Sybarite how he got into the motorsports and lighting industry, the changes he has had to make during the recent pandemic, and what the appointment to the Formula E race means to him.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. As DZ Engineering’s General Manager, I am currently responsible for both commercial and business development in integrated solutions for race track circuits, sports venue lighting, museums and architectural lighting. Prior to this, I had pursued automation and software engineering with the vision that I, one day, will be building the first real Mecha, a Japanese giant anime robot. Shortly after joining this, I realised that I would not have been able to survive coding for that long - I would be, in fact, bored to death. When I had the opportunity to switch professions, I grabbed on to something more exciting and here I am now, with over 15 years of experience in across both motorsports and lighting industries

Supercar experience. Supercar. Flag of France

Featuring Waldorf Astoria offers high-octane experience from Europe...

During which they will be able to experience and sample three of the world’s top supercars. This adrenaline-filled experience will have guests take to the most exciting roads of Europe and the United Arab Emirates in a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider (‘the technological tour de force’), the McLaren MP4-12C and the Porsche 911 GT3.

Ferrari 1 1655388365. Gh mumm2. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The drink of champions – Ferrari Trento official toaster...

Ferrari Trento is the Official Sparkling Wine of the Formula 1 World Championship. The three year partnership sees Ferrari Trento’s award-winning Italian methedo classico sparkling wine poured and sprayed on all occasions on and off the podium. Appointed as Formula One‘s official celebratory partner  victory drink and toast maker , the Trentino winery has been producing  luxury Trentodoc wines since 1902 and run by the Lunelli family since 1952.   Ferrari Trento’s President and CEO, Matteo Lunelli  comments: “It's an achievement that demonstrates the renown that our wines enjoy internationally. It’s a starting point because we are just beginning this extraordinary adventure that will allow us to bring the Italian Art of Living to the celebrations of Formula 1.” The  Ferrari F1® Limited Edition is a special Blanc de Blancs cuvée celebrates some of the iconic Grands Prix in the FIA . It is available for the Formula 1® Lenovo British Grand Prix ( July 1-3 ) for £39.99 from

Arctic golf. Arctic golf. Flag of Iceland

Featuring Arctic Open at The Akureyri Golf Club

Akureyri Golf Club in the north of the country has some of the trickiest greens to read in the world. You have to make allowances for sudden shifts in the earth’s surface because of the volcanic activity happening under your spikes. You must also be prepared to see your ball disappearing forever down a 60 million-year-old fissure. You are also advised to make sure you check your ball is your ball before playing it. It might be a piece of lava and therefore hazardous to your card, clubs and wrists. The Magnus Gudmundsson designed moorland and ancient rock outcroppings course at Jadar farm first opened in 1935 and is the second oldest golf course in Iceland after Reykjavik ( est 1934). Iceland’s third course is on Westmann Island  (Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic), on the island of Helmaey off the southern coast.

E pulsive. Pilates   repose. Flag of United_kingdom

Modern fitness, an interview with owners of E-Pulsive and...

Time-efficient, low-impact workouts that will help you improve strength and body composition in just 20 minutes. Eladio de Leon and Mario Kaspers started both EMS studio E-Pulsive, as well as alternative therapy haven Repose, alongside the expertise of Daria Ivanova to create optimal results for their clients in their beautiful location in South Kensington. The Sybarite spoke with them on how they started their business, the benefits of EMS and Repose and what the future holds for them. What are both of your backgrounds? Daria - I was brought up by a very supportive family. Most of my relatives are from a professional sporting background, which always directed me into this arena. Finally, I decided to pursue a career in this industry and began working for 6 years with E-Pulsive as an EMS trainer, gaining a lot of experience. After a while I decided to join forces and create the best wellness space in London, if not in the world. Mario has a master in Master Chemical Engineering at Imperial Colleague, then did his PT qualifications in London. Eladio has a degree in International business management, he has studied in different countries and love to explore different cultures. Naturally a connector and an entrepreneur.

Oxford vs cambridge boat race. Oxford vs cambridge boat race. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Oxford vs Cambridge: a day at the races

Leading from start to finish, the Dark Blue crew completed their fourth victory in five years in a time of 16min 59sec.

Polo. British polo. Flag of India

Featuring British Polo Day Returns to the Pink City of Jaipur and...

United in December to enjoy the mystery and majesty of Jaipur and Jodhpur, the best of Indian and British polo are brought together on the field for British Polo Day, alongside some of the biggest names and leaders in world business, culture and lifestyle. British Polo day is presented by Chelsea Barracks in association with VistaJet, with the Jaipur event hosted by Her Highness Rajmata Padmini Devi of Jaipur, and the Jodhpur occasion hosted by His Highness The Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Marwar-Jodhpur.

Trend in ski tech and wellness. Trend in ski tech and wellness. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The latest trend in ski-tech and wellness

With the aim to enhance physical performance and encourage mental wellbeing, tech and wellness practices will allow you to get the most out of your upcoming ski trip, both on and off the slopes.  New technology is constantly amplifying the performance of skis and the achievements of skiers. More and more tech is being designed to heighten the skier's on-piste comfort and enjoyment. The Skyroam Solis is a powerful and robust mobile power bank and WiFi hub, enabling you to charge all of your appliances for over 16 hours at 6000 mAh power. The device's WiFi feature is easy to use with one-touch internet access in over 130 countries and you can connect up to 5 gadgets at one time. Skiing forces you to live in the moment; to feel the speed and soak up the adrenaline. But thanks to advanced video technology, skiers can now capture a snippet of the thrill of the slopes on camera. When it comes to sport and video, GoPro dominates, and their latest GoPro HERO7 camera is no different. With hyper smooth video stabilisation, waterproof housing, voice control and live streaming capabilities, this camera is sure to deliver results.

Kings cross wimbledon 1656497679. Bluebird. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Where to watch Wimbledon 2018 in London

For those of us unfortunately not lucky enough to journey to South London and witness the iconic tennis tournament for ourselves, The Sybarite is here to help. We've selected the best outdoor screens and viewing events happening around London, so you can be sure you won't miss a single serve.

Polos most prolific philanthropist nic roldan. Polos prolific philanthropist nic roldan playing polo horse. Flag of United_states

Featuring Polo’s most prolific philanthropist Nic Roldan, sits down...

We caught up with the champion polo player to discuss the highs and lows of playing polo professionally and the impact it has on family life, as well as getting Nic’s best tips for polo amateurs. Growing up on a farm with horses is what inspired Nic Roldan to get into polo, and claims that his father being a polo player isn’t the main reason he got into the sport, he always had an interest in the speed and intensity of the game along with his love for horses. Being a professional sportsman can be stressful for anyone, but ‘polo has more highs than lows’ as Nic gets to play the sport he loves and is around horses constantly, all whilst travelling the world and visiting beautiful countries. According to Nic, the lows are ‘the same as any sport, it’s a very cut throat, competitive and intense sport.’ The sport also requires a huge amount of investment in the horses which can be incredibly stressful and unlike most other sports. However ‘it is tough to say there are any other lows when you get to do what you love to do as a career, what could be better?’

Americas cup boat race. Americas cup boat race mikekidder. Flag of United_states

Featuring America’s Cup: The latest technological boat race

In recent years, the world’s oldest and most prestigious global sailing event, America’s Cup, is as much of a technology race as it is a sailboat race. New film, “Surface to Air” looks beyond the luxurious sport and into the innovation required to build one of the fastest sailboats to ever exist. The film shows how the Altair and Artemis Racing’s technical teams have placed a great deal of emphasis on perfecting the use of the daggerboards – foils that lift the boat out of the water to break the drag barrier. Viewers are able to see how this technology has a significant impact on a boat’s performance. “Technology plays a huge part in the America’s Cup,” said Iain Percy, Team Manager and On-Water Tactician for Artemis Racing. “It’s been said the fastest boat has won the America’s Cup for the last 160 years and I’m not sure that is about to change. The daggerboard is the appendage that we fly the boat off and also transfers side force into driving force. Millimetres of difference make knots of difference so the optimal manufacturing and design of the daggerboard is absolutely critical.” The teams have focused much of their effort on optimising the strength, shapes and thicknesses, and how water and wind interact with daggerboards using a simulation-driven design approach.

Wimbledon. Dominic thiem. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Wimbledon 2017: the ones to watch

So it's time to indulge in plenty of Pimm's and strawberries and cream because Wimbledon 2017 is set to cause a racket! There is no doubt that the All England Tennis Club plays host to the most thrilling tennis event of 2017, with Andy Murray attempting to retain his title of champion. But there are over 100 Athletes that take part each year, with both the men's and women's Singles, Juniors, Seniors, Doubles and Wheelchair Tournaments as well - So we have whittled down the list so it's easier for you to pick who you want to watch out of the Men's and Women's single tournaments. The 23 year old Austrian has been declared as one 'most talented young players in the world at the moment' and is currently ranked 8th in the world, with a career-high of the 7th best in the world in 2016. After winnning over the Duchess of Cambridge on the opening day of the tournament, he revelealed that his relaxed nature was due not playing on the opening day, and starting his Wimbledon campaign on the Tuesday instead.

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