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Michelin star restaurants via SUPPER


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3rd September 2015

The time has come for Michelin star meals to be delivered to your door with the launch of London’s new delivery service, SUPPER.

Those who might have thought it would be a long time coming for one to be able to have a Michelin dinner to go, well foodies you are in luck, as the reality of such has finally been brought into existence. This will be the first of its kind - delivering food and wine from some of London’s top Michelin star restaurants packaged in unique and

innovative containers, which will ultimately allow the food to arrive fresh upon reaching your door. What was once shied away from is now becoming a reality with SUPPER's unique service and delivery methods that will have the restaurants gourmet dishes arrive in exactly the same state as when it left the kitchen. How is this done? SUPPER has invested a great deal into research and expense to ensure there is no degradation from the time the food is made until it’s served. Delivery method is through its state of the art Japanese bikes that have been built to contain bespoke boxes where the dishes are delicately stored and temperature controlled in order to maintain quality. The bikes can wiggle through traffic, ensuring faster delivery time whilst ensuring that the dishes are as safe as can be – because of course, that is top priority. What is a Michelin star meal if the quality of the dishes isn't the same?

Supper has currently partnered with 15 of London’s top-notch restaurants, including Michelin starred Indian restaurant, Tamarind and Benares in Mayfair, with plans to have five Michelin starred restaurants to add to their list. That would naturally mean that these five star restaurants trust in Supper’s standards enough to be able to let them take care of handling exceptional dishes with exceptional care and quality.

If that wasn't enough, SUPPER also provides in-house sommelier services with a wonderfully curated selection of wines, prosecco and champagne to accompany this one of a kind five-star ordering in experience. One can now bask in the comforts of their own home whilst enjoying a Michelin star meal without having to dress up for it. How is that for quality and sheer comfort?

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