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1st January 2022

Repose Space is your luxury wellness and fitness destination, providing individuals with a sanctuary in the heart of London.

Repose, at 40, High Street Kensington, offers a combination of classes and biohacking. Classes include EMA and antigravity while biohacking consists of therapies such as cryotherapy, infrared sauna and photobiomodulation. Unlike any other gym we have visited, Repose provides a calm and contemporary luxurious space where customers can seek clarity and feel comfortable while enjoying fitness and beauty services.

And while many London based gyms can be extremely intimidating - industrial style sweat boxes, with men in a grunting competition trying to lift (and loudly drop) the heaviest weights possible, E-pulsive is the very opposite of this. Step off busy High Street Kensington into what feels more like a spa, a calm oasis of white, wood and bright open space. The actual gym area feels bespoke and private, and definitely not overwhelmingly busy. The space is entirely state of the art and high tech. The changing rooms are beautifully laid out with a space for changing, refreshing yourself post workout (think - hairdryers, face wipes, hairspray, tampons) and lockers to store your personal belongings. Although the space might not seem like the biggest, it is all that you really need for the luxury bespoke services that the team offers. There is a bright, luxury ski chalet spa feeling about the entire space.

We were firstly invited to try the EMS personal training at the EMS Studio at Repose, known as E-pulsive, using the increasingly popular EMS technology. Strap yourself in the EMS workout gear and enjoy just 20 minutes of EMS training, equating to 90 minutes of a high-intensity gym class. In a world where we are all always short on time, what could be better? This is the workout of the future. Engage 98% of your muscles - and trust us, you feel every single one of them working - and by the end of the 20 minutes you could have burnt up to 500 kcal. They recommend 4 sessions to really see a difference, but we were impressed from the first session. With minimal movements necessary, every step is accentuated by the electro pulses that are controlled by your own personal EMS trainer.

The cryo chamber was surprisingly our therapy of the day. This popular technique exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for a short amount of time. Pop on your favourite song and jump into the freezing cold. The initial shock to your system wears off while your body quickly adapts - our therapists told us that often, people with a lot of energy find their zen in the chamber, and if you are feeling solemn and down, the cold air will give you a rush of life! This treatment is often used in the recovery of injuries and combats inflammation, as well as simply rejuvenating and boosting the body.

End your day at Repose in the infrared sauna, designed for heat to penetrate the skin deeper to unwind after an intense workout. Facials and massages are also available, so there is a variety of ways to relax at Repose too. By focusing on the 4 areas of the body - fitness, wellness, spa and nourishment (try out some of their delicious juices at their bar), Repose has you entirely covered to become the best version of yourself in 2022.

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