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Owners of E-Pulsive and Repose


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2nd November 2021

This month we are introducing you to EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation).

Time-efficient, low-impact workouts that will help you improve strength and body composition in just 20 minutes.

Eladio de Leon and Mario Kaspers started both EMS studio E-Pulsive, as well as alternative therapy haven Repose, alongside the expertise of Daria Ivanova to create optimal results for their clients in their beautiful location in South Kensington.

The Sybarite spoke with them on how they started their business, the benefits of EMS and Repose and what the future holds for them.

What are both of your backgrounds?

Daria - I was brought up by a very supportive family. Most of my relatives are from a professional sporting background, which always directed me into this arena. Finally, I decided to pursue a career in this industry and began working for 6 years with E-Pulsive as an EMS trainer, gaining a lot of experience. After a while I decided to join forces and create the best wellness space in London, if not in the world.

Mario has a master in Master Chemical Engineering at Imperial Colleague, then did his PT qualifications in London.

Eladio has a degree in International business management, he has studied in different countries and love to explore different cultures. Naturally a connector and an entrepreneur.

What inspired you both to start this business?

I realised that London was missing a space with everything under one roof. You have your pure gyms, your holistic yoga studios, or your medi spas offering treatments and the odd biohacking therapy. However, nothing in between, encompassing all of these practices where advanced technology meets the holistic nature of wellbeing, whilst being completely non-invasive. While working alongside my clients when I was an EMS trainer, and seeing their progress, it inspired me to develop an offering to help them even further.

Mario and Eladio were living in Germany back in 2014, saw that EMS was very popular in Germany and there was no company offering EMS in the UK. Therefore they decided to open their company in London. Mario Kaspers and Eladio de Leon created one of the most innovative fitness spaces London has to offer and are now poised to franchise their business globally. E-Pulsive focuses on one of the fastest growing fitness and wellness trends from around the globe 'Electrical Muscle Stimulation' training.

Already the owners of multiple successful fitness businesses, the duo has proven operational and commercial expertise. Believing to have found the winning combination of effective yet time-efficient fitness practices to create the ultimate experience which will stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Besides EMS training, E-Pulsive offer lifestyle coaching including nutrition advice and stress management to provide benefits such as body toning and weight management as well as improved spine health, skin tightness, circulation and self-confidence.

How does the combination of the fitness and the treatments work so well hand in hand?

The whole concept at Repose is to use combined therapies to maximise results, we have a 360 degree approach to health and fitness and promote a way of life where you are able to enhance your body's natural capabilities. We tap into what the client needs and then create a bespoke journey combining holistic and scientific methods to achieve balance within.

Post-COVID, do you feel like people have started taking care of their bodies more?

Definitely, our clients have always been conscious about their health, however post-pandemic, rehabilitation and mental well being has become just as important as fitness.

Your location is stunning and provides such a feeling of zen - was this an important part of setting up the business?

Every single piece of furniture, the smell and colour has been chosen with the purpose to create a multi sensory experience for our clients. All of the interior was designed to help clients relax and switch off from the hustle and bustle of busy London life and have a sanctuary for some much needed 'me time'.

What is next for you both, and for E-Pulsive and Repose?

Expansion is something we are keen to explore so that more people can benefit from what Repose and E-Pulsive have to offer.

On E-Pulsive:

Why is an EMS workout the latest hype in fitness? Why should people try it?

EMS training provides a solution by offering a time-efficient, low-impact workout available both at home and our studio. Effective and scientifically proven full body EMS workouts in 20 minutes.

Save time and replace one 20 minute EMS workout with one 90 minute conventional personal training session or simply add an EMS session to your weekly workout routine.

Easy movements without the use of weights make EMS suitable for everyone. All sessions are low in impact and therefore put minimum pressure on your back, knees and shoulders.
Our EMS system is compact, wireless and fully portable. Our workouts require a little space and are therefore suitable for small studio spaces as well as home visits.

What is special about how E-Pulsive provides EMS workouts?

Highly qualified PTs, long experience with EMS / first EMS business in London, latest wireless EMS technology, goal driven workouts.

What is next in the world of E-Pulsive?

Expanding business internationally, franchising business.

On Repose:

Repose provides very unique treatments - why did you choose these particular treatments?

I put a lot of thought into what services I wanted to provide at Repose. Everything was hand picked after I personally tried and tested on myself. What I found was the most effective for overall well being was a combination of biohacking treatments alongside your fitness regime with some selfcare therapies to complement. We have fitness, body optimisation through biohacking and beauty therapies to complete a 360 degree approach to health and wellness.

Cryotherapy has become an incredibly popular treatment, and after trying it, I understand why! Why would you advise people to try cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy comes with a whole multitude of health benefits that help on both a mental and physical level. From boosting immunity, to alleviating anxiety, insomnia, burn out, depression, as well as muscle recovery, increased metabolic rate promoting weight loss, reduction in inflammation and pain, prevention of osteoporosis. The list really is endless.

What is the most popular treatment at Repose? What would you advise first timers to try?

I wouldn't be able to single out just one treatment as they are all as valuable as each other depending on what you are trying to achieve. Repose promotes a 360 degree approach to wellness where the aim is to balance the body and mind and with that being said the combined therapies work together to compliment a full repose experience. That is why we have a one time offer called the Repose Experience where clients can try each one of our main services.

Will you be expanding Repose's offering? What treatments would you love to add?

We are always looking for something new and innovative and take inspiration from the best from all over the world. We hope the next treatment will be an oxygen chamber which is becoming increasingly popular post-pandemic and an increased fitness offering.

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