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New Year, New Me, New Skin

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By Ina Yulo Stuve on 25th January 2023

“It’s not about using expensive products, it’s about investing and learning these incredible techniques that will transform your face, improve your skin health, and boost your confidence,”

There’s a chill in the air that I happily escape as I step inside Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy by Grosvenor Square (which also houses Nazmeen Khaliq’s Revive Room). The nature of the location is a reflection of Khaliq’s ethos of delivering a more natural, holistic approach to beauty and skincare. She first embarked on her beauty journey at the age of 16, working the cosmetic counters at Clarins and Estee Lauder whilst training for her beauty therapist qualifications. Though her first role saw her gaining experience with popular mainstream treatments at a beauty salon, after a few years and an IBS flare-up to boot, she shifted gears and joined a natural pharmacy where she absorbed everything she could from the homeopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists who worked there. She has now branched out and has grown a roster of high profile clients and a loyal following who turn to her for bespoke treatments and programmes fashioned in her own unique style.

Before my treatment, I sit down with Khaliq as we discuss my skin issues—namely dehydration, puffiness under my eyes, and a need to prepare for the colder weather. She tells me more about her holistic treatments, which include face yoga, traditional Chinese medicine tools like face mapping, buccal massaging, and Qi beauty facials.

“I absolutely love face yoga and it’s a huge part of my life,” shares . “The style I teach is slightly different from what is most commonly found on the internet. It’s so much more than just exercising your facial muscles and I would highly recommend that if anyone seriously wanted to improve their skin and slow down the signs of ageing whilst improving their overall well-being, they should to take a look at my  programme,” she adds.

Khaliq’s skin is flawless and she tells me that she has a very minimal skincare regime, largely due to her daily facial exercise routine. “It’s not about using expensive products, it’s about investing and learning these incredible techniques that will transform your face, improve your skin health, and boost your confidence,” she explains. 

My treatment is called the luxury facial, which Khaliq tailored to my specific needs and concerns. The result was a bespoke treatment which included a sculpting and lifting massage to help relieve tension and after, a buccal, or intra-oral massage, where she put on a pair of gloves and kneaded the deeper masticatory muscles inside my mouth. For some, this may be uncomfortable, but as someone who has TMJ and experiences chronic jaw tightness, this was incredibly satisfying as I felt my tense muscles relax and start to loosen. This technique is also favoured by celebrities, as it improves circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage, leading to a more chiselled, red carpet-ready look. 

The final part of my treatment was one that I had never tried before—the Qi (pronounced “chi”) Beauty facial, which Khaliq said would help to brighten the eye area and nourish my skin. She insists this will soon become as big as the buccal massage, specifically because there is no trauma to the skin afterwards so there’s no downtime needed. “The Qi Beauty facial uses controlled high gradient static magnetic fields to stimulate the natural recovery potential of the skin and uses 1000 gold-plated magnets to create a face map matrix,” she explains. As I close my eyes, she places the magnets all over my face. The magnets are light, but their weight on my skin encourages a sense of relaxation. “By placing the magnets over certain meridian and acupressure points, it helps to clear any stagnation along the channel,” explains Khaliq.

Speaking on my specific skin concerns, she says: “Under eye bags and dark circles are often the result of stagnation in the kidney meridian. By placing magnets strategically over this meridian, it helps to flush the channel, therefore improving the appearance around the eyes. In terms of hydration, once the magnets are on the skin, the lipid layer is open, so the rich, nourishing oils applied are absorbed deeply, restoring the skins microbiome.” When it comes to products, Khaliq only uses those with natural, organic ingredients, such as botanical essences made from Australian blush flower extracts, which smells amazing. 

Overall, the luxury facial lasted about 120 minutes and I left feeling refreshed and my skin was plump, healthy, and glowing. Aside from the different facials she offers at her London and Essex locations, Khaliq also has Gua Sha and face yoga programmes available in her online studio. 

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