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Dimple Amani’s Miracle Velvet Facial

Dimple amanis miracle velvet facial.

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By Ina Yulo Stuve on 22nd January 2022

When I was greeted by Dimple Amani and welcomed into her treatment room, it’s safe to say I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was going to experience

Amani delivers a different type of treatment to a traditional facial—there’s no exfoliation (unless the client really needs it) or cleaning, rather Amani prefers to work from the inside out. She specialises in face and body sculpting and shaping treatments where she leverages techniques that promote lymphatic drainage to get the desired results. Her treatments are rooted in Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems that targets the whole body. “It’s more about the technique than the product, and this is what people don’t understand—the product is for aftercare and the technique is where the magic lies,” explains Amani. Amani’s magic hands are sought after by everyone from London high society to Bollywood actresses. “I see some clients right before they go on set to make sure their skin is plump and they’re glowing in front of the camera,” she says.

We spend a lot of time discussing my lifestyle, my skin, and the problem areas I’d like to fix—the puffiness under my eyes and my dehydrated skin. Amani never operates a “one size fits all” approach and instead takes care to understand her clients’ unique situation so that she can develop a bespoke program that really makes an impact. Amani is adamant that clients must work with her as part of a team and ensure they’re following the right aftercare routines to maximise the effects of their treatments. “It’s like brushing your teeth,” she says. “Aftercare needs to be part of your lifestyle routine.” With this in mind, Amani has also developed her own line of products. She has made multiple trips back to India to meticulously select only the best materials for her new of line, which includes herbal tea remedies, kansa wands, gua sha and lymph body tools.

My 60-minute Miracle Velvet Facial Massage treatment reminded me of a good yoga session—there was a warm-up, where Amani tapped and pinched my skin to set the foundation for what was to come, then came the workout, with Amani using her knuckles and tools to knead out tension in my muscles as she targeted the Ayurvedic marma points to release any blockages and help reduce fine lines and puffiness, and finally, the cool down portion, where she used long, relaxing strokes that quite frankly put me to sleep. I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror Amani handed to me and immediately noticed that my skin was plumper, more hydrated, and I had a bright, fresh glow all throughout. Amani explained how just with her hands she is able to help flush out toxins and excess fluid, encourage collagen production, and sculpt the facial muscles to bring out the best in my features. As I drink the complimentary tea I’m offered at the end of the treatment (part of her new aftercare line), I realise I may be missing a trick when it comes to my skincare routine—though I treat myself to regular facials and have a go-to set of products on my bedside table, I haven’t considered that many of the skin issues I come across have to be dealt with from within. In addition to a plump face and relaxed jaw muscles, I left my treatment with a reminder that if you look underneath the hood, there is a matrix of muscles, fluids, and energy points that require a knowledgeable set of hands to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Dimple Amani’s Miracle Velvet Facial Massage:

Costs £245 for 60 minutes and includes an initial consultation.

Address: Definelondon
42 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Sw1v 2rx
Phone: 07492727662


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