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Soori - A Hidden Gem in Bali


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14th February 2023

If you’re traveling to Bali and if what you’re looking for is a more secluded type of accommodation that ticks all of the boxes in terms of luxury and lifestyle living coupled with strong environmental and cultural sustainability principles, then Soori should be on your radar.

This hidden gem has combined the essence of Bali together with the landscape from which it is built on. Every aspect of Soori, whether it's the architecture, the interior design, the produce being served to guests, to the in-room amenities has its story to share. Take for example the luxury interiors which have all been inspired by local colors and materials.

Or the tiles that make up their dedicated Spa which have been created by artisans of Pejaten, a village nearby known for its terracotta production. This collective cohesion of artisans, craftsmen and local materials is not just a project of the resort but a project on a much larger scale - utilizing what’s available locally from people to planet. Knowing that you’re staying in a truly story-telling environment makes for a much more impactful experience when staying at this serene destination. 

What we particularly enjoyed about Soori was its location. It may not be in the hotspots of Canggu, Ubud or Seminyak but that is exactly why, besides its other characteristics, we preferred a more secluded all-encompassing location. It is located in the Tabanan Regency which is the south-western coast of Bali and an area of lush rice terraces and wonderfully rich black-sand beaches stretching across into the Indian Ocean. The resort felt particularly comfortable for us as a family due to the space it afforded - long walks on the beach where our children could run freely and play with the magical rich black sand on their fingertips. In terms of how to get to Soori, one can take a car or have the resort coordinate a chauffeur service which takes approximately one-hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport, for example. 

During our time here, we stayed in their Ocean Pool Villa which was ideal for our family of four. Note that there are a total of four different villas to choose from, each with a different view and slightly larger layouts. There are also four-and six-bedroom Residences and a 10 bedroom Estate for those perhaps coming in larger groups or for those celebrating a special occasion. Whichever type of accommodation one opts  for at Soori, they’re guaranteed to enjoy sheer comfort and indulgence. Why? First of all the villas are aesthetically pleasing with contemporary interiors to match. The villa’s were created to also maximize on space and ensure each provides a generous view of the panorama that surrounds it. In this case it was the ocean for us. The layout, we have to stress, will be a win for families with children.  The villa consists of the main bedroom furnished with a comfortably luxurious king size bed (there’s enough space for a cot to go beside it) before it flows out to a compact living area that also has a single bed to one side (perfect for a toddler). There’s a generously sized bathroom area with both shower and tub, great for those that want to pamper themselves. Of course the villa experience wouldn’t be complete without its own private infinity pool that can be accessed directly from the room. We loved that you could slide open the floor to ceiling windows and plunge yourself directly into the pool. This truly privatized feeling means that you’re really enjoying each other’s company where there’s no judgment, no large groups of hotel guests mingling about, and the staff that are present but always discreet. 

The food and service at Soori were top notch, to say the least. With two restaurants, Cotta and Ombak, one can expect to be fed the most appetizing of dishes to the most wholesome and healthy of dishes. Each morning we could choose from a variety of breakfast dishes at Cotta where they served both local and international cuisine. Each dish was presented eloquently and consumed wholeheartedly. The relaxed atmosphere paired with the freedom to order as we pleased made the experience and the meal liberating. Dinner was taken at Ombak, which again felt like the holiday that we deserved. Feeling the warm breeze and getting to witness the sunset over lovingly and expertly crafted dishes was a part of our experience at Soori that we felt deep gratitude for. Each of the staff were friendly and accommodating, catering to our needs and making sure we felt comfortable, which we certainly did. 

For those coming to Soori, we highly recommend undergoing their ‘Journeys by Soori’ experiences. It will truly elevate and impact your stay that may leave a lasting impression. One of the Journey’s that we did as a family was the releasing of baby turtles. The local conversation centre safely collects endangered turtle eggs (Olive Ridley species) from our beach on the southwestern coastline. Once hatched and carefully reared, the turtle hatchlings - respecting the imprint on the unique geomagnetic signature of their natal area - are released on opportune tides leaving out from Kelating beach in front of Soori Bali. We had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend such an experience where we each got to hold one of these turtles before slowly releasing it out into the Indian Ocean. Watching these tiny creatures who seemed helpless at first, grapple with the waves, made us feel nervous. In no time at all however, the turtles regained their innate ability to swim against the waves and go further into the water. Doing this together with our children was memorable but a memory that we keep with Soori. That’s what you’ll find here - each Journey offered ties back to the cultural, environmental or educational roots. They are eye-opening as they are fun and nostalgic. 

We like to think of Soori as one of the ideal resorts to stay at for those yearning for serenity, away from the tourist trap of Bali. We recommend 3 to 4 nights, making use of the dedicated Spa and exploring their variety of knowledge-induced Journey’s. Not only is it a peaceful place, it is also a beautiful place to admire. The fact that it was also built by renowned architect Soo K Chan of SCDA architects, the story of Soori is an expression of contemporary Asian architecture. A fun fact is that Soo K Chan purchased the plot of land to build his own home in Bali until he decided that there was an opportunity to open Soori up to a wider audience and let them experience Bali in a much more subtle, serene and authentic way. Whether it's through the design, the landscape, the food, to the crafts, Soori is all-encompassing and a resort we know we’ll return to and will be wholeheartedly welcomed by upon our next return.  

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