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Stick Man


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26th January 2019

Ever since my son was a baby we have taken him to the theatre.

At the age of just 2 he sat through an entire performance of The Lion King and ever since then, whenever we tell him we have booked tickets to see a show, he gets very excited. Now 3 and a half years old, he has grown up reading and listening to Julia Donaldson stories and has seen many adaptations of the books at the theatre. So, when I found out Stick Man was back on stage, I couldn’t wait to take him.

With his little sister of 6 months in tow (we are starting her young) we headed to Leicester Square Theatre. I love this theatre for children's shows as it is especially intimate, and this really helps the children engage with what they are watching. The story follows Stick Man, who after going for a jog one morning, encounters a bounding dog who wants to play fetch. This sparks a series of unfortunate adventures, which leads him far from home. As the seasons pass Stick Man meets a surprising friend who helps him to the family tree.

After picking up a booster cushion for our son, we found our seats and excitedly waited for the production to start. As with most productions like this, the set is simple and relies heavily on the three talented actors, who seamlessly transitioned from one character to another. The music is brilliant, and the style of the show takes a number of cues from pantomime, featuring a chase through the audience, a game of catch with a beach ball, and even a ‘they’re behind you’ moment, which Zachary loved.

At just under an hour it is a perfect length for children, even though our theatre loving little lad wanted more. Even his little sister was transfixed on the what was happening on the stage. Having now watched it first hand I can understand why it continues to return to the stage year after year.

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