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Must-have wine tech


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13th January 2017

Forget dry January and indulge in these hot new wine gadgets to rev your wine-drinking experience into fifth gear – swanky enough to make Bacchus jealous.

Take a photo of any wine label and learn that wine's rating, review, and average price instantly. All supplied by 21 million worldwide users - the world's largest community of wine drinkers. Scan any wine list to see the rating and review of each wine on the list, helping you pick the right wine every night out. Vivino automatically tracks and organises the wines you scan and rate, creating a fun chart to showcase your wine experiences. Discover new wines and see how you rank against your friends and the Vivino community.


Update your wine cellar with the iSommelier Smart Decanter, a clever system designed to filter ambient air of impurities and aerate wine with a flow of highly concentrated purified oxygen, enhancing flavours and aromas with results akin to years of cellaring. Compatible with a handy app, providing remote control functionality and access to an exclusive wine network, it is a revolutionary investment for any wine connoisseur.

£1,299 from Harrods

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

This handy aerator comes with a non-drip stand and will let your wine breathe properly, to allow the full flavour of the wine to be released in record time. The Vinturi Red Wine Aerator promises to “Quickly and conveniently aerate wine by the bottle or glass” Also available for white wines and spirits, Vinturi uses patented technology to decrease pressure as you pour, aerating the wine, before releasing it into a waiting glass below.

£24.42 from

Conundrum Wine Decanter

The stylish design of this decanter allows it to aerate wine as you pour it in and out. The easy to hold glass decanter has a large surface area, providing the best aeration and oxygenation. While not a gadget, strictly speaking, the strong aesthetic and the ‘perfect pour’ make this a must-have for any self-respecting wine drinker.

£16.99 from


By inserting a very thin needle into the cork and pressurising the bottle with argon, the Coravin allows you to extract a sample and then reseal the bottle as if it had never been touched. No oxygen can get to the wine, allowing it to continue ageing undisturbed. Expensive wines can be now be enjoyed slightly more frivolously, as you no longer have to commit to opening the entire bottle when you want just one glass.

Starts at £199.00 from

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