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The art of calligraphy


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24th September 2015

Paul Antonio Scribe is a man behind the quill noted for his ability to produce accurately flowing calligraphy.

His studio in Linton House is where all the magic happens – from wedding invitations, corporate events, non-English calligraphy, and poems to historical scriptures, this is one calligrapher who has spent years training in letterforms, Arabic Calligraphy and Archeological illustration. It has has also led him to work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York based out in Egypt where he was replicating hieroglyphs in a pyramid.

For Paul Antonio, calligraphy is all about structure and accuracy “it is this accuracy that gives the Paul Antonio studio the ability to incite wonder”. The beauty in a Paul Antonio calligraphic work is that each letter contains a flow almost as if taking the reader on a journey. There is - in essence - a true form of poetic art that today may seem rather old-school but in fact does retain that certain edge especially when beautifully addressed on an envelope – one can’t help but spend a mere seconds or minutes admiring the penmanship. “Calligraphic accuracy is contained within letter angles, heights, weights, shapes and underlying rhythm. The letters should move across the page and take the reader on a journey with them”.

Besides calligraphy, the studio also specializes in historical scripts using expert traditional skills that have allowed them to produce artwork for films and television. The advantage lies in the ability to work with specialist craftsmen to produce original scriptures in their own language however each commission of such work can be rather complex and so it is always best to get in touch with the studio to see what can be delivered.

A few well-known clients that Paul Antonio has been working with include Tiffany’s, Jo Malone and Burberry, where he produces calligraphy on stationary along with other specialized projects. There is however, a great technical aspect to calligraphy which clients may sometimes not be as aware of – for example it is important for the studio to factor in the type of paper for say, a script. “We will not agree on a script until the technical spec is sent or until we have a sample in front of us. This unfortunately annoys clients but too often we have agreed on something to then find the paper is not suitable. I guess looking at the big picture it is not usually that clients are tricky, it is just that they don’t understand the technical issues but once you take the time to explain it to them, things work out.”

For those looking to add that personal touch to a wedding invitation, a brand or what have you, seek out Paul Antonio Scribe to deliver.

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