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Review: Neville Hair and Beauty Salon

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By Kerene Barefield on 20th January 2022

It’s the beginning of 2022 and it’s time to get back to the salon to put the shine back in and remove the greys from my hair. I’m excitedly heading to glamorous Belgravia, for an appointment at Neville Hair & Beauty Salon.

Having first opened in the early 90s, this salon is honoured to house some of London’s most innovative and creative colourists, stylists and beauty experts across five floors of light, airy and stylish interiors dedicated to world class beauty services. Arriving for my 9.30 appointment, the salon was already buzzing with customers and I was taken straight to my chair, where I was offered refreshments. To my left a customer was enjoying a morning cup of coffee while her hair was being blow dried and her nails painted, to my left a guy was having his haircut

as he chatted to the stylist. The atmosphere was more akin to a place where people were enjoying a social gathering than an early morning in a hair salon. Neville Hair and Beauty has established itself as one of London’s leading luxury salons and it’s reputation for excellence attracts a varied clientele, from businesswomen to models, actors, royalty, celebrities, journalists, students and London locals, who return time and time again to enjoy our unrivalled service and exceptional results.

After explaining to my colourist Seniz exactly what I wanted, she was joined by a more junior member of the team as together they worked in harmony to apply my colour. There is a really lovely atmosphere in the salon which made me feel really at ease and like I’d been a customer here for years. After expertly applying the colour to my roots, Seniz used a balayage technique that I have personally never seen before. It involved a lot of back combing and I slightly worried what it was going to do to my hair, but when the colour was removed the stylist reassured me that it was not harmful to the hair. Neville is committed to being at the forefront of an ever-evolving hairdressing and beauty industry, which is evident when you are there.

Once my hair was coloured I was introduced to my stylist Jack who kept me entertained with his great conversation as he cut my hair and dried it off - by the end of the chat I felt like I’d known him for years! And unlike most new stylists I see, Jack didn’t spend a stupid amount of time trying to put a curl in it, for it to drop out ten minutes after leaving the salon. He seems to understand my hair more than most and instead he made it look super sleek and blow dried it just how I like it. The colour was also perfect, a warm but dark brown with lighter but subtle streaks through the ends.

I had a lovely morning at Neville’s and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury salon with a lot of heart.

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