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The Rainbow Water Detox - What is it?


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2nd September 2015

Rainbow water – what? That is exactly the same question we are asking at The Sybarite. However, after extensive research (we have yet to try it ourselves) we have come to find that the reason it is named as such is due to the plethora of colorful nutrient dense ingredients contained in this detoxing powder.

Rainbow Water was created for women on the go who do not have ample time to forego juice detoxes. Presumably it is a more convenient way of detoxing as it is in powder form. The story began with hydrologist Stephanie Blanc, a chemical engineer and two business entrepreneurs who wanted to create a potent detoxing concoction with all the benefits included but without the hassle. What is in it? Well, everything is plant-based and organic - containing 17 nutrient dense detox super foods such as Maqui Berry, the highest antioxidant super fruit that is even higher than acai berry, which provides a good amount of vitamins and nutrients. Then there is Sprulina which provides the protein, raspberry for boosting energy levels, kale for calcium and liver protection, blueberry and wheat grass to neutralize free radicals and regulate blood sugars whilst stimulating metabolism, and well, a host of other health-benefiting super-fruits.

The powder form can be blended into the usual smoothie, muesli or cold water and according to Rainbow Water, they recommend drinking this magical sounding formula every morning before breakfast or in place of breakfast in order to retain all the nutrients. They also offer the 15 to 30 day detoxing powder available on their website for either $68.00 or $118.00. Rainbow water is made in Los Angeles and is USDA Certified Organic, vegan, raw and dairy-free with none of the added sugars.

One must note that although a detoxing formula, it is still necessary to consult with your physician before starting any such program.

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