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The Upper House: An Upwards Journey


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By Ruth Tertilt on 24th May 2023

A home away from home, a luxury yet subtle residential feel, a contemplative getaway, an ideal family accommodation - these are just some of the ways that best describe our Upper House experience.

It is by far one of our top favorite and conveniently located hotels to retreat to in Hong Kong, particularly as a family. The most striking feature and the reason it is a hotel that we highly recommend is really that luxury residential character, almost as if you’re coming to stay at your own apartment for a couple of nights. Service is great but it is also discreet so unless you ask, you won’t be disturbed. Unlike many of the hotel’s in Hong Kong, the Upper House distinctness lies in its ability to masquerade as a luxury residential getaway whilst operating as a five-star luxury hotel. The subtlety, the minimalism in terms of design and architecture coupled with the room layouts are what makes this abode so special, you won’t find anything similar to it in Hong Kong.

Part of the House Collective, The Upper House has thought about hospitality in terms of what would make guests feel at home but also truly relaxed in a fast paced city such as Hong Kong. This concept of ‘upwards journey’ is further pronounced as soon as you enter the building. Rather than the typical allocation of a check-in and concierge desk, the hotel has a very quick and simple set-up: check-in is merely a small area in the corner of the lobby where the guest relations team are stood whilst they coordinate guests comings and goings, before whisking them up through the dimly lit escalators. It can feel odd at first especially if you’re someone that is used to a typical check-in experience. The oddness soon sticks with you however, and makes you realize that it’s all part of the experience. To head up to your abode and enjoy the stillness from high above in the confines of your Zen escape, as we like to think of it. 

Our stay comprised of three nights in the Upper Suites (one of their suite categories) with a room size of 114 sqm - a generously sized space that fitted our family of four perfectly. Upon entering the Suite, a sizable living area with a birds eye view of the city's vista appeared in front of us. It was breath-taking to gaze it and it felt somewhat contemplative. In terms of the living room space, this consisted of a comfortable coffee table area where we spent those truly relaxing nights watching our favourite rom coms on the large sofa bed (this is also where our son slept). We found ourselves giddy with the daily top up of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (complimentary courtesy of the House) located in the dedicated minibar/sink area which is also where you’re able to get your supply of drinking water from. No plastics here. We have to admit,  the living area in the Upper Suites was our favourite spot to hang out at. We even invited some friends over to hang out with, proving to be such a great option to have when we didn’t feel like meeting out in public. Not only did it provide the space, it provided just the right vibe. That’s what’s so particular about The Upper House - the design and the uniformity are so imperative to the experience. It wants you to linger, it wants you to feel that sort of city-Zen, and above all it invites you to treat it as your home away from home escape with all the luxury amenities provided. 

Adjacent to the living area is a separate bedroom with a king sized bed which can be separated by the sliding doors. Our toddler’s cot was also set up in this room and there was still ample space to walk around and admire the panoramic views. We loved the simplicity and functionality of the room - smart set-up where the curtains, blinds and lighting are controlled by a remote control sat neatly on the bedside table. There’s also charging stations on each side of the bed. As you walk around behind the bed, there’s a generously sized wardrobe area where you’ll find the usual slippers, umbrella’s and even a Lululemon yoga mat (The Upper House offers complimentary yoga sessions during weekends. Advanced booking is highly recommended!). It’s also the perfect place to store your suitcases so you’re not found tripping or walking over anything. 

This then leads to another favourite part of the Suite for us; the jaw-dropping bathroom area. So captivating that we’ve even saved it on our Pinterest board. The bathroom here is like walking into a whole experience entirely. There’s the smallest, what feels like, a corridor that leads up to the free-standing tub which is parallel to the double-sink/dressing room area. The lighting here is almost cinematic, one is curious to see how this bathroom unravels. As the layout is triangular, there’s two windows that converge with a plinth in front of it giving off very dim lighting. The uniformity became so captivating that bath time here felt like a ritual. Of course for those that prefer a quick hop in the shower, there’s a rain shower just next to the tub. Word of caution: during daylight hours it's fine to let the blinds up and admire the view, however during night time particularly when the lights are on, buildings facing opposite are able to see through. Therefore it is advised that during evening times, the blinds come down. 


In terms of dining, there’s their main restaurant Salisterra which is where we were served our daily breakfast. As opposed to a typical breakfast buffet, you have an ala carte breakfast menu to choose from. We mostly found ourselves ordering from the eggs and pancake section. Breakfast is hearty and wholesome and is the perfect pick-me-up setting to get your day into gear. What I enjoyed the most was being able to come down whilst the kids were still asleep, and enjoy the peace and quiet, over views and a great cup of coffee. Although we didn’t fully experience their other F&B sections such as their popular outdoor lawn and their European inspired café, The Continental, you’re pretty spoiled for choice anyway simply because you’re located right next to the luxury shopping mall, Pacific Place. We wouldn’t necessarily choose The Upper House for its dining variety, rather more for its accommodation options. Besides the Upper Suites, there’s also two studios: Studio 70 and Studio 80.  Both bear the same uniformity of designs and are perfect for those coming solo or as a couple. There’s also the Andre Fu Suite which pays homage to the strong relationship the Upper House has with the renowned interior architect. We personally didn’t get to check it out but we know for certain it’s a suite worth experiencing. It’s slightly double the size of the Upper Suites, with its own dining table for 18 guests and even its own dedicated spa room.

We’re confident that we’ll return to The Upper House for its home away from home energy that it encapsulates. We’re excited to recommend The Upper House to families who need that convenience and flexibility in an understated luxury setting. Each guest is attended to in the most discreet of ways and each guest is made to feel at home when returning from a day out in the city. If you’re considering a stay in Hong Kong and want a hotel that isn’t opulent but rather offers subtle and discreet hospitality coupled with a minimalist design focus then The Upper House perfectly matches that. If what you’re looking for is an experiential stay or the need to just feel somewhat at home after a long journey, The Upper House ticks those boxes.

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