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Vakko Hotel And Residence: Istanbul’s New Palatial Home-From-Home


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By Isobel Coombs on 15th December 2023

In the heart of Istanbul's vibrant fashion and wellness district lies a sanctuary of luxury and refinement—the Vakko Hotel & Residence.

Founded in 1937 as a small silk scarf vendor, Vakko has since expanded to be a renowned department store, wedding dress boutique, patisserie, restaurant group, high and high-street fashion house and luxury homeware shop. This is Vakko’s first venture into hospitality and it didn’t disappoint.

Boasting 31 lavishly spacious suites, the hotel welcomes those who desire the  finest of interiors, fabrics and service. From the moment the grand glass doors open and you step off the bustling streets,  you instantly notice the hotel’s peacefulness as you’re enveloped by the warmth of the hotel’s soft golden decor. 

The Accommodation

The suites, each meticulously designed to feel like a palatial home, are a testament to Vakko's  commitment in providing unrivalled indulgence. The suite’s neutral furnishings, with luxurious fabrics all supplied by Vakko, and carefully designed lighting creates an inviting cocoon — as if it’s your own living room. The Turkish luxury brand’s slick presence is felt throughout the hotel: from the textiles to the turndown chocolates, the bathroom toiletries to the Vakko L’Atelier bistrot. The Vakko Residence uniquely sits at the point where opulence and familiar comfort meet. 

The Finer Details

What truly sets Vakko Hotel & Residence apart is the bespoke service that accompanies every stay. A dedicated butler ensures that your every need is not only met, but anticipated, with a level of precision that is synonymous with the Vakko brand. The hotel also offers a ‘Chef Chez Vous’ service where you can enjoy a delicious meal by a private chef in the comfort of your own suite, an attractive option for longer stays and weary travellers. For those seeking relaxation, an astounding 98 spa treatments await, including Marble Stone Massages and traditional Ayurvedic healing methods, complemented by the latest Techno Gym facilities for fitness enthusiasts — including an in-room weight kit for ease. For those taking a vacation from their fitness regime, the kitchen’s wine fridges are stocked with a curated selection and complimentary snacks from Vakko L’Atelier to add to the indulgence of the stay. 

The Dining

Vakko L’Atelier is the sleek Parisian bistro on the ground floor of the hotel serving beautiful dishes from dawn until dinner. The restaurant provides a peaceful escape from the concrete jungle that lies on the other side of its doors. Mirrored walls, glass ceilings and luscious greenery, the restaurant provides a warm ambience to your morning acai bowl and makes the  perfect romantic setting for dinner. A special mention must go to the beef carpaccio and the giant chicken vol au vent — highly recommended by The Sybarite. To top off the memorable meal, in front of the restaurant lies the multi-story Vakko shop which sells their own unique product offering  alongside most-wanted luxury brands including  Ganni, Zimmermann and Acler. 

The Vakko Magic

The uniqueness of this hotel lies in the ubiquity of the Vakko brand: from your suite’s sofa fabric, to the macarons that greet you on arrival, your morning pastries to the ball gown you may buy from the boutique, Vakko truly supplies indulgence on all levels. Vakko Hotel & Residence stands as an epitome of luxury, elegance, and world-class service in the cultural melting pot that is Istanbul. Vakko achieves something all luxury hotels aspire to: as you step inside you enter a space where every detail is fine-tuned and tailored to each guest, to make them feel like the only one  in the hotel.


Address: Vakko Hotel & Residence, Harbiye, Abdi İpekçi Cd. NO:43, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkiye


Phone:+90 212 953 90 90

Prices: Suites from £640/night. 

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