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An Icon of Subversive Spirit: Aygo X UNDERCOVER


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By Lily Niu on 21st March 2023

Toyota's collaboration with Japanese fashion powerhouse, UNDERCOVER, has brought us a unique, limited edition version of the Aygo X city car.

With its non-conformist design philosophy, the Aygo X UNDERCOVER is a new icon of subversive spirit, pushing the boundaries of traditional car design.

Premiering at Paris Fashion Week, the vehicle boasts details inspired by UNDERCOVER Head Designer, Jun Takahashi's, non-conformist philosophy, including a bi-tone grey body colour and coral red accents. With only 5,000 units of this special model set to be released, it is a savvy choice for the style-conscious urbanite in need of four wheels.

The collaboration is unique in that it marks the first time Toyota has worked with a fashion house, presenting a challenge that proved interesting for the team. Tadao Mori, Toyota Motor Europe’s Head of Styling Design, noted that working with a fashion brand was different from their normative ideas, pushing Toyota to consider new approaches to the design and engineering process.

The Aygo has been Toyota's most accessible car since its launch in 2005, attracting style-conscious buyers with its youthful and fun character. The collaboration with UNDERCOVER has elevated the car's status to a must-have for those seeking to express their individuality. 

In an interview, Mori explained that given the collaboration was in the works from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the working process was streamlined through back and forth meetings and shipping parts for those on the UNDERCOVER team to see since they could not travel due to restrictions. Despite the challenges, the collaboration has been an exciting journey for Toyota, and they have welcomed the opportunity to explore new ways of looking at colour and ideas for making everyday details more interesting and unexpected.

For Jun Takahashi, the collaboration with Toyota was a profound experience. “It was my first experience working on a car and with Toyota being such a prestigious and innovative Japanese brand, it came with deep emotional meaning and significance,” he said. “Fusing together two contradicting elements, or worlds, is exciting for me. Both the materials and how we supplied the colours differ completely from clothing collaborations. Cityscapes inspire colours that feel typically UNDERCOVER, blending in with everyday life but questioning convention if you look below the surface. I believe we have a design that is still very much UNDERCOVER while working in harmony with the city. I drive my own car every day and recognise the significance colour can have.”

Photos by: BFA & Rowben Lantion

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