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Beautiful Sqaurespace Design Kits


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8th January 2019

These days, when it comes to web design, aesthetics becomes the key to overall user experience.

Whether for personal or business purposes, a website becomes the representation of ones personal style and voice. Aside from functionality, the design aspect of any website takes center stage to the point that it has become the driving force behind the engagement with an audience. It is also responsible for the inclination that the audience will interact with your platform. Ultimately, it is the reputation you have in the virtual universe.

For us, nothing pleases us more than discovering aesthetical pleasures. There is one such enterprise that revolves around the poetic beauty of what a website can deliver in terms of design and functionality. Presenting Squaremuse – the creative team behind Flothemes, known for their one of a kind WordPress themes. To serve its niche audience and to show their capabilities in web design and style, they have extended their reach to creating design kits for Squarespace compatibility.

They are a team of creatives that are “visually orientated and believe in beautiful design and strong topography to position and boost businesses”. Mainly aimed at photographers wanting to showcase their beautiful work, the team behind Squaremuse have produced a collection of designs for those who prefer to have their work using the Squarespace platform. Their collections have themes that focus on a portfolio structure but can actually be tailored to any industry given that there are many custom options and edits you can do with the design kit, like we have tried ourselves.

Take for example their design kit, ‘Editorial’. A minimalistic yet eye-catching theme that although aimed at photographers, can be used by bloggers and even businesses. The choice of topography, layout and minimalism combine for an elegant type design that can be used in many different ways.

After purchasing the kit, what you can expect is to receive a downloadable content pack. Within it, contains an Editorial Read Me which provides an outline of the theme and link to instructions which are password enabled, along with the style kits in jpeg and PSD formats so that users can recreate the designs on Photoshop using their own imagery. What we love about the Squaremuse kits is that their instructions are highly detailed. This is especially beneficial for beginners who have never used Squarespace, or for those who have never even created a website of their own. There are no codes or HTML language that you’ll be required to know, just the ability follow instructions step by step. With its video guide, Squaremuse instructs its customers on a step by step journey into creating the same layout as the theme they purchased, with extra detailed instructions on how to stick to the layout using your own imagery so that it is customized and personalized according to your preferences.

We found the Editorial theme to be simple, story-telling and if followed-through correctly, smooth to use and suitable for those who want a minimal editorial feel. The quality is superb and the look and feel of the product is highly professional. Consider that the team have created these design kits with the skilled photographer in mind, in particular wedding photographers.

Therefore it is meant to show artwork in a way that is easy on the eyes. We love that we can adapt the themes to suit our use.

Besides its design kits, Squaremuse also offers its own custom solution packages, in case the individual prefers something more tailored.

More details on their design kits can be found here:

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