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Beauty round up - Skincare


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30th September 2021

We love a new beauty find, so when new products land on our desk, we are always happy to give them a go.

To give our readers a fair review, we try to use the products for a minimum 3-4 weeks, just so we can give our honest opinion based on a fair amount of time of usage. Let’s see what the beauty department had in store for us this summer!

Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil

A face oil can feel intimidating, especially if you have oily skin, and even if all skincare specialists say it is the most beneficial to all skin types. The packaging on all the Olverum products is lovely - clean, sage green boxing with a matte small bottle with a black pipette. The oil smells natural - hints of rosemary and xx - and applies like a dry oil as opposed to a very greasy consistency. Even for those intimidated by oils - do not shy away from this one, it leaves the skin feeling moisturised, nurtured and is lovely on the hands, neck and chest too. A sweet little bottle to leave by your bedside or on your desk for when your skin needs a little pick me up.

Olverum Body Polish

We have tried a range of scrubs, both for the face and body, and what we look for in a body scrub is one that really scrubs the skin. And the Olverum body scrub does exactly that. Packaged in a generously large matte glass bottle, this is a must-have in your shower. With hints of Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, this uniquely light and creamy exfoliator is like having an at-home spa. And Olverum is all about clean beauty - the sustainably-sourced Papaya Enzyme melt away dead skin cells organically and the Bamboo Extract and Pumice polish the skin to a satin-feel finish.

Virgin Skincare Body Oil

As a team, we were divided on the name Virgin Skincare. However, the product, packaging and branding won us over (check out their very cool Instagram). Sourced in the Mediterranean,Virgin Suncare is made exclusively of ingredients derived from natural resources that not only preserve the skin, but also nourish the entire body thus contributing wholly to wellness. The 100ml bottle is packaged beautifully in a satin bag with tassel and gift box - a perfect gift for Christmas. This clean and organic product is focused on staying sunkissed and hydrated in the most skin friendly and safe way. Expect an endless summer glow.

Angela Langford Body Wash

This ‘Spice of Life’ body wash promises a lot, and definitely packs a punch. British brand Angela Langford, lovingly creates organic, vegan, cruelty free, mood-boosting skincare products by hand in Pembrokeshire. The ingredients of spicy ginger, lemongrass, coriander, grapefruit and lime help awaken your senses - this is not scent for the weak hearted. However, it is a wonderful unisex wash, as it has no floral scents commonly associated with women’s bath products. The consistency could be slightly thicker but overall, not a bad fresh choice - and we love that it is cruelty free!

Wildcrafted Organics Bakuchiol Cell Regenerating Serum

So we need to start this review off by saying we have only been trying this product for about two weeks, but we could not help but add it to our round up. We. Love. This. Product. Although the oily consistency might have been unexpected for a serum, this product will remain one of our skin heroes for a long time to come. Created by Herbalist and Nutritionist Nicole O'Sullivan, the whole Wildcrafted Organics skincare range is a culmination of love and respect for the incredible healing power of plants. Bakuchiol is the star ingredient and natural replacement for retinol, and other ingredients include collagen as well as Cacay and Marula oil (amongst many others). Acting as a natural anti-aging product, the serum soothes, hydrates and brightens the skin without leaving a trace of oiliness. It’s a yes from us!

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