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The Alcohol Free Brands To See You Through Dry January And Beyond


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By Lucy Cocoran on 15th January 2024

January is by and far the most popular month to go teetotal, and for good reason. The start of a new year signals time for change, with many choosing to abstain from alcohol as a means of starting off on the right foot (read: with zero hangover regrets).

This year's Dry January is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet, with new research from Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January® hdiscovering that amongst UK adults (excluding non-drinkers), 30% of men and 26% of women would like to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink in 2024. The new figures come as one in six UK adults plan to take a break from alcohol this month.

Of course, for people who enjoy the taste of their favourite drink, choosing to go alcohol-free can prove challenging. Luckily, the low and no alcohol market has been on the ascent for several years now, resulting in a slew of brands who have dreamt up and developed a wide range of options.

Below, The Sybarite’s pick of alcohol free brands to see you through dry January and beyond.


With a reputation as one of the most trusted alcohol-free brands on the market, Lyre’s have developed a range of high-quality, low-calorie tipples to satisfy any craving.  Priding itself on sourcing the world’s finest natural essences and distillates, each drink has been designed to mimic the flavour profiles of almost every popular beverage, resulting in an extensive range. 

The Sybarite Pick: Classico Grande. If you love a drier glass of bubbles, this is the drink for you. Fresh, fruity and crisp without being overly sweet, it’s the perfect way to toast a special occasion, sans liquor. If you’d like to get creative, you can mix with Lyres’ Italian Spritz for a refreshing homemade aperol. 


Short for ‘Needs Ice Only,’ NIO offers both zero alcohol and low abv drinks which have been expertly mixed in Italy. As the name suggests, all that’s required is a glass and some ice, leaving you to tear open the packet and pour. Given its one-and-done approach, this is the perfect stockpile brand for anyone who is time poor or lacks storage for multiple bottles. 

The Sybarite Pick: Violet Vamp. Vibrant in colour and even more so in flavour, Tanqueray 0.0% provides the classic aromatics of a G&T, while hints of violet and lime give a zesty punch. This is a really unique flavour for people who like to change up their drinks order and stray away from the traditional — best enjoyed after dinner. 


Endorsed by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, CleanCo is determined to flip the script on alcohol-free nights out. Advocating for the benefits of sobriety without sacrificing your social life, the brand goes beyond just taste by attempting to replicate both the sensation and mouthfeel of alcoholic beverages. From tequila and vodka to whiskey and rum, CleanCo has developed a zero alcohol option for just about every major spirit, giving you ample options.  

The Sybarite Pick: Clean G. Those craving a classic G&T will appreciate the refreshing smoothness of this drink. With no added sweeteners, you can experiment with flavours by adding garnishes and your choice of tonic - should you wish to dial up the sugar profile. By itself, you can expect crisp notes of juniper and lemon to take centre stage, making for a delightful drink. 


Hailing from the Cornish Coast, Pentire was founded on a love of the outdoors and the championing of regional botanicals. While it has a locally-driven mindset, its expansion has been far-reaching, with the brand now stocked at Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and served at Soho House members’ clubs around the world. Offering premixed blends available in bottles and cans, these are perfect for taking on the go to any social occasion. 

The Sybarite Pick: Pentire Coastal Spritz, Canned. A little bitter, a little sweet and undeniably refreshing, this tipple contains flavours of blood orange, sea rosemary and oakwood. Made in collaboration with some of the world’s best bartenders, the flavours are reminiscent of summer in a can, making it a must-try this year.  

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