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Female-Founded Brands To Support This IWD And Beyond


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By Lucy Cocoran on 8th March 2024

This International Women's Day, we are shining a light on the incredible brands founded by women.

International Women’s Day offers a chance to reflect on the amazing women not only in our life, but around the world. Every day, women everywhere reach impressive new heights, inspiring those around them to strive for better — which is exactly what IWD is all about.

In celebration of this important day, we want to shine a light on the female-founded brands which should be on your radar. These people are trailblazers in their space, transforming the beauty, fashion and wellness industries in a meaningful way.

Connie Nam, Astrid & Miyu 

Founded in 2012, Astrid & Miyu stores can be seen overflowing across London, as people flock to update their jewellery collections with a new statement piece. Founder Connie Nam envisioned the brand from her kitchen table in Notting Hill, with its expansion a testament to her hard work and innovative designs. Sustainability is also important to Nam who is seeking to make more collections with recycled materials and already utilises environmentally-friendly packaging. 

Shop here.

Marcia Kilgore, Founder, FitFlop & Founder & Creative Advisor-at-Large, Beauty Pie

A major powerhouse in the fashion and beauty sphere, Marcia Kilgore has never been one to sit still. Having founded FitFlop, (the clever, ergonomic footwear brand) in 2007 to launching Beauty Pie in 2016, Kilgore has worked tirelessly to create new brands which are genuinely motivated by the desire to improve women’s lives. Beauty Pie is highly unique in membership offering, allowing customers to access high-quality beauty products at a fraction of the price, for a small monthly fee. Kilgore’s hope for this model is the eventual democratisation of the beauty industry through the avoidance of luxury mark-ups. Genius!

Shop Fitflop here and Beauty Pie here

Paloma Lanna, Paloma Wool 

Barcelona-born, eponymous fashion label Paloma Wool, is well-known for timeless designs and ethereal aesthetic. Having parents who created their own fashion label, Wool was involved in the industry from a young age, marking her as one-to-watch from the beginning. The brand launched ten years ago in 2014 and has since established itself as a powerhouse in the world of textile design. 

Shop here.

Shay Mitchell, Béis

Actress Shay Mitchell had plenty of fans for her onscreen work, so when she launched Béis, people were lining up to show their support. Born in 2018, the brand aimed to create a line of bags, luggage and travel accessories made for busy people on the go. The Weekender Bag is a continuous best-seller, giving jet-setting women everywhere the comfort and versatility to have everything they need on hand, while looking chic doing it.

Shop here

Jane Frances, Dear Frances 

Having traversed the globe early in her career, Jane Frances brought a keen eye for the fine details when founding her brand Dear Frances in 2016. With a self-described ‘pared back aesthetic and clean lines,’ the shoe label is widely lauded for its creation of functional, timeless designs. With a socially conscious mindset and the utilisation of sustainable materials and processes, a pair of shoes from Dear Frances are built to last.

Shop here.

Rhian Stepehnson, ARTAH

With a range of supplements to tackle everything from skin and gut health to energy and sleep, ARTAH is a leading wellness brand created by nutritionist and naturopath, Rhian Stephenson. Expanding beyond its vitamin reach, the company now offers workshops, retreats and nutrition programmes, offering customers a 360 degree approach to their overall health and wellbeing. The slew of five star reviews speak for themselves, with glowing recommendations pouring in from people all over the world whose lives have been changed for the better.

Shop here.

Karlee Ozener, Hello Klean 

Hard water seemingly never ceases to wreak havoc on our hair, but for Karlee Ozener, the problem could be solved with a shower filter. Founded in 2019, Hello Klean is a company specialising in hair care products to counteract the damage caused by hard water. You might remember her from Dragon’s Den where her product pitch successfully received offers from three(!) dragons. In the years following, the brand has won multiple awards for its Purifying Shower Head, before later releasing a range of hair and skin products which are a must-have on your shower shelf.

Shop here

Emma Lewisham, Emma Lewisham 

When Emma Lewishamn launched her namesake skincare line in 2019, it was in direct opposition to every beauty product created with synthetic ingredients. Her range of luxury, natural serums, creams and oils are evidence based, delivering real results which would impress even the most extreme natural skincare naysayer. On top of this, Lewisham has a real passion for sustainability and is actively contributing to the creation of a circular, climate positive and transparent beauty industry. 

Shop here.

Maeva Heim, BREAD Beauty 

After realising that the beauty industry wasn’t really ‘talking to’ her, Maeva Heim decided to create her own product line specifically developed for black hair. With clean, vegan formulas and the power to simplify what has historically been an overcomplicated beauty process, the brand made waves at launch and has been on the ascent ever since. Having only launched in 2020, BREAD is now stocked in major beauty retailers across several markets globally, speaking not only to the power of the products, but the strength of the messaging it carries. 

Shop here.

Grace Beverley, TALA  

Despite rising to fame as an influencer, Grace Beverley has made it clear that her activewear brand TALA, is far from an influencer brand. Designed with longevity in mind, Beverley has her sights set on the implementation of sustainable processes and steady expansion. Sizing is incredibly inclusive, running to a 4XL and empowering women of all shapes and sizes to move their body in a way that feels good for them.

Shop here.

Kaya Jones and Sarah Emblow, Raise & Replenish 

Drinks that not only taste delicious but are also good for your body can be hard to come by. Enter Raise & Replenish, the plant-based, caffeine-free latte drinks created by dynamic duo Kaya Jones and Sarah Emblow. Having struggled to fuel their busy lives without relying on coffee, the pair developed these latte powders which are packed with natural ingredients and goodness, sans caffeine. 

Shop here.

Trinny Woodall, Trinny London

As a familiar face in the beauty world, Trinny Woodall was met with very positive reception when she launched her brand in 2017. Available in a wide range of shades, the brand’s stackable multi purpose products have allowed people to glam on the go, with buildable coverage designed to last. Some products work as a cream eyeshadow, blush and lip tint, making them the perfect all-rounder. 

Shop here

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