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Sybarite Reviews: Chameleon


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13th September 2021

As loyal followers of The Sybarite, you know that we have eyes in the most remote corners of the planet. We are always on the hunt and eager to discover the new and most exclusive places this world has to offer.

In today’s review we bring you a hidden treasure tucked away in bustling Central London. A beautiful place that has undoubtedly become one of our favourite restaurants and the first in our “Must go” list of recommendations: Chameleon.

April 2021 saw the launch of Chameleon, and since then, it has gone from strength to strength and flourished under the great demand of London’s culinary scene. Part of the wow factor that Chameleon shares is the surprise factor that it offers both in the place and food, a hidden treasure to anyone who is wandering between the beautiful neighbourhoods of Fitzrovia and Marylebone.

This multi-experiential space is not only a magnificent restaurant, it offers something for everybody. From a lovely flower market designed by the amazing Artistically Twisted Team, to cinema nights, wellness and fitness experiences to numerous parties and events taking place almost every day of the week, it doesn’t get much cooler than Chameleon.

 We had the opportunity to taste the wonderful Tel Avivian sharing style menu in their beautiful alfresco dining setting called God’s Garden, and having never tried Israeli food before, every dish we got turned out to be an extremely happy surprise.

Walking into Chameleon is like walking into a secret garden. Make your way through various greenhouses, past the mysterious plants and neon lights, and step into an other-worldly surprise. The dining space is huge, split over multiple outdoor green houses, buzzing with dinners, a live band and multiple delicious smelling dishes swishing around us.

From the very first beginning we noticed the energy and enthusiasm that the restaurant transmitted. Even our faithful doggy (yes, in Chameleon are dog friendly!) was delighted with the garden, the lights and the whole environment that surrounds one of London’s most dramatic venues: The Grade I Listed, One Marylebone.

The atmosphere was incredible, people enjoying a fabulous evening with a great staging of a DJ who did not stop dazzling with live music.

The menu provides a great variety of foods and ingredients we were familiar with, as well as dishes we had never heard of but were instantly drawn to trying. It was our first time having Tel Avivian food so we were pretty excited. From White tahini hummus, Beef tartare, Spanish octopus to Chargrilled cauliflower or Lamb Sirloin, Chameleon is undoubtedly a place that offers possibilities for all tastes.

We were treated and started our dinner with two amazing cocktails recommended by the waitress, a Rosé Vesper and Lychee & Rosé Bellini. They were delicious, with a touch of Middle Eastern flavours, but not too overpowering before a meal. We wanted to try a bit of everything so we left the food decision entirely to our waitress - and we were not disappointed.

While we were enjoying our evening our starters arrived. White tahini, chickpea, sumac and green chilli, Coal roasted aubergine dip, with goats cheese and toasted walnuts, Beetroot cured salmon, pickled beets, black quinoa, Persian alioli and cashew yogurt and last but not least, a Yellowtail sashimi, passion fruit, avocado cream, grilled pineapple, creme fraiche and puffed rice. And the most important one… their magnificent bread: The Kubana brioche, a little piece of heaven. Writing this brings water to our mouth. A combination of incredible undiscovered flavours, with the comfort and warmth that Israeli food provides, we were already impressed.

If we could describe the dishes in one word, it would be: mind-blowing. Each one was so different, with a personal touch and very rich. The creaminess of the tahini combined with the chickpea and the spiciness of the chilli was the best start of our night. The second dip was succulent and generous aubergine with goat cheese. We are avid lovers of cheese and aubergine. Anything else to add?

The yellowtail sashimi added freshness to our plate. A rich creme fraiche mixed with tropical fruits and the crunchy texture of the puffed rice merge in the mouth creating an explosion of flavors! Simply delicious.

While we were sipping our Bourgogne Pinot Noir and enjoying live music, our (rather generous!) main courses arrived. A delicate and tender Sea bass fillet with polenta and white asparagus, grilled corn and chipotle. We always opt for fish if we have the option on the menu and this was a perfect continuation. The meat arrived afterwards, a really savoury and well cooked Lamb Sirloin with stuffed cabbage and an intense and creamy garlic puree sauce that accompanied by the king of the night, the brioche, made the dish, one of our favourites of the night. We hardly ever expect the bread basket to be so prominent in our reviews but trust us, this is unlike any other.

As lovers of seafood, we couldn’t resist trying the Spanish octopus. Our favourite dish and a must if you visit Chameleon. A really tender and juicy octopus, perfectly charred, covered in the most refined and elegant black hummus and some vegetables. If there was one thing you shouldn’t miss out on - It’s the octopus.

 Barely any room for dessert (as usual) but we truly think that going to a restaurant and not trying any of their sweet options is a crime. We love chocolate, so chocolatey dessert for The Sybarite it is! A succulent chocolate tart, with vanilla ice cream was the perfect ending to our perfect night. We could have easily sat there for many hours longer - sipping glasses of red wine and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

Not only for the outstanding food, the whole experience and the impeccable service that transforms Chameleon into a magnificent and unique place.

Full stomach, happy heart. And our hearts exceed the limits of happiness. Chameleon was a great discovery, and we are counting down the days to go back. An excellent addition to London’s dining scene that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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