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Women Who Launch: Chanella Buck of ON Beaute


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By Ina Yulo Stuve on 27th June 2024

In the overly saturated world of beauty products, it can be difficult to know who to trust when it comes to picking your next cleanser. Enter ON Beaute, the beauty editor-approved platform that calls itself the Rotten Tomatoes of beauty.

The brainchild of fashion and beauty veteran Chanella Buck, who has the likes of LVMH and Estee Lauder on her resumé, ON Beaute provides independent beauty reviews from the world’s top beauty editors, makeup artists, and dermatologists, and is free of sponsored content or ads.

“Customers gravitate towards ON Beaute for its unparalleled commitment to authenticity and its unique approach to beauty reviews,” says Chanella. “Unlike other platforms, ON Beaute prioritises genuine, unfiltered feedback, ensuring every review is both reliable and fair, making it a trusted source for beauty enthusiasts seeking honest guidance.” 

Chanella and her team saw an opportunity in the fact that 94% of consumers spend at least an hour researching online before making a beauty purchase. ON Beaute uses a mix of AI analysis and scores sent in by their team of experts to rate cult brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, La Mer, and Medik8. Aside from being a full-time founder, Chanella is passionate about keeping her professional and personal lives balanced.

“As a mother to two daughters, my focus is to ensure I am nurturing a healthy self-image,” she says. “This includes encouraging my children, particularly my eldest, aged six, to embrace their natural beauty and understand that flaws are an intrinsic part of who we are. Makeup and skincare, in our discussions, are framed as tools to enhance one's beauty, not mask it. By doing so, I hope to instill a sense of confidence and self-acceptance, teaching them beauty is not just about appearance, but feeling comfortable in one's own skin.”

In this edition of Women Who Launch, The Sybarite speaks with Chanella on what a typical day in her life looks like and her most recent beauty discovery.

Was being an intern in the fashion and beauty industry really as cutthroat as one might think?

Being an unpaid LVMH intern several years ago really was a test of endurance and dedication, pushing me beyond my comfort zones yet proving immensely fulfilling. The interns definitely cried in the bathrooms. However the start of this journey not only reaffirmed my love for the field but also helped me build meaningful connections, enriching my professional and personal life in ways I hadn't anticipated.

Did growing up with Singaporean-Chinese roots impact your career and personal journeys?

Certainly, growing up with Singaporean-Chinese roots while being deeply rooted in London's vibrant culture profoundly shaped both my personal and professional trajectories. My heritage infused me with a rich tapestry of values, blending the disciplined work ethic and communal spirit of my Singaporean heritage with the creative and pioneering spirit I embraced in London. This unique blend has guided me in navigating diverse cultural landscapes, allowing me to forge strong relationships and approach challenges with a multifaceted perspective that values both innovation and tradition. Professionally, it inspired me to build bridges between varied cultures in my work, striving for inclusivity and understanding in every project I undertake. Personally, it has made me a passionate advocate for diversity, keenly aware of the richness that different cultures bring to every shared experience.

Are there any entrepreneurs you look up to?

There are a particularly two who spring to mind, both of course, female pioneers in tech.

Whitney Wolfe Herd - co-founder of Tinder and founder of Bumble. She revolutionised the dating app industry by empowering women to make the first move, showcasing the power of female-led innovation in technology.

Natalie Massenet - Founder of Net-a-Porter. Natalie revolutionised luxury fashion retail with Net-a-Porter, demonstrating foresight into the digital shopping era and setting a high standard for online consumer experiences. 

Do you have any tips for hiring and retaining talent?

For those trying to break into the industry, I find immense joy in mentoring; it's a rewarding experience that helps nurture emerging talent and ensures we're always welcoming fresh, hungry voices. My advice for hiring and retaining talent revolves around creating opportunities for growth, fostering an inclusive environment, and actively supporting personal and professional development. This approach not only attracts diverse talent but also encourages them to stay, grow, and thrive within the company.

What is the one task you always do yourself and the task you always recommend outsourcing?

I always take a hands-on approach to tasks that play to my core strengths, such as building relationships and generating creative idea—these elements are crucial to my vision and leadership style. For areas outside my expertise, such as full stack tech development or financial analysis, I 100% advocate for outsourcing to specialists!

What does a day in your life typically look like?

The house wakes up at 7am. My husband starts breakfast for our daughters, whilst I get ready to tackle another day where my worlds of tech entrepreneurship and beauty collide. Breakfast is a whirlwind followed by plaiting hair, a rush to get shoes on the right feet, and  then running out the door to drop the kids off at nursery and school. This part of my day is a blend of chaos and love, setting the tone for the shift to my role as a full-time working founder. No day is the same but it‘s generally an assortment of meetings, both in-person and online. In the beauty industry there is always a plethora of events to attend as well. I do prioritise 2-3 hours each week for Reformer Pilates for my own mental health. For the majority of the week I always try to be home for pick-up and dinner, to be present with my girls. I, along with many others, am living proof that you can juggle a career and a family, even though it's far from the poetic harmony some imagine. It's about making it work, day by day, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

What is your recent favourite beauty find?

My favourite beauty discoveries often hail from the more niche and lesser-known brands. Among these treasures, I hold a particular fondness for a facial oil by Neo Sephiri, which is composed entirely of Kalahari melon oil. This divine oil fortifies and resets my skin barrier, especially after periods when I've overindulged or tested other products containing active ingredients, or when my skin's needs are uncertain.

Where can we often find you drinking and dining?

I don’t drink alcohol, but being half-Singaporean I am a complete foodie! Depending on my mood you will find me for dim sum at Min Jiang, for Japanese at Kyubi, for truffle tagliolini at Wild Tavern, and for roast beef and mash at The Dover. For real, authentic Singaporean cuisine, a biased but very honest recommendation, my Aunt’s restaurant Singapore Garden.

ON Beaute


Instagram: @onbeauteofficial and @chanella_buck

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