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Cupra Born Electric: The Versatile, Practical Hatchback


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By The Sybarite Team on 2nd July 2024

The name is Born, Cupra Born, the five-seat fully electric Hatchback from the Spanish firm.

Named after El Born, an area near Barcelona, the good-looking EV is delightful to drive. Jeremy Webb drove one to God's own county of Yorkshire to see how it delivered.

Cupra, the luxury and sporty brand of Spanish firm Seat, is producing an array of desirable vehicles, and from what I have read about the Born, they have another model that will prove popular. The fully electric Cupra Born enters a sector with plenty of competition, so what makes it stand out? On a trip up to Yorkshire, I found out.  

Let's address the competition, with the first an almost exact duplicate of the Born as they share so many components,  Volkswagen's ID3,  Then there is the Hyundai Kona Electric and the superb MG 5. 

The Cupra Born starts at £33,000 going up to a hefty £40,000 so what makes you want to part with your hard-earned money to buy one? From a Drivers' point of view, it is fun. Tight handling, which can see you hug the corners at high speeds and still allow you to flick it around when required, backed up by a go-kart-like feel through the wheel, means you get safety and thrills when you want. 

The instant acceleration from the electric motor blasts the rear wheels forward, and you smile every time you put your foot down, although obviously, you can depress the pedal lightly when situations require. You have three battery choices in the Cupra Born range – 45kWh, 58kWh and 77kWh. These power plants give you a range from 352 Km to a country crunching 544 Km 

You can charge the Cupra Born up to 100kW (125kW for the 77kWh version). Realistically you will find that thirty minutes of charging should get the 58kWh battery from 10-80%. If you invest in a wall box producing 7kW, you can expect a full charge to take nine hours.  

The Cupra Born has a clean, angular design I found attractive and inside is the same. Simple, minimalistic and clean with plenty of space for all occupants. The driving position is good, with clear vision all around the vehicle. The model I had was fitted with the superb HUD system, casting information the Driver needs onto the windscreen. Speed, road signs and warning symbols are all shown brightly in your field of vision, which significantly benefits safety.  

Seats are comfortable, and there are obligatory areas for cup storage and stashing mobile phones. The Driver gets a 12 cm display showing range, speed, and sat-nav instructions. You may find the rotary knob gear selector a bit strange to start with, but it soon makes sense and is easily reached and used.  

For all occupants, you have a 27 cm touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav, wireless Apple Play, and Andriod auto. You can connect your Smartphone and have your beloved Apps mirrored on the large screen. As I mentioned, headroom and overall space in the Cupra Born are impressive, so everyone should be comfy even on the longest journey.  

Designated a Hatchback, the Cupra Born has a fair-sized boot providing you with 385-litres, allowing plenty of luggage, shopping, or even a push-chair.  

The Cupra Born took me to Yorkshire on a full charge, even cruising most of the way at motorway speeds. I find this incredibly comforting as it negates an hour-long stop in some service station when all you want to do is push on to your destination. The performance and handling of the Cupra Born make it an enjoyable yet safe vehicle and one I would be happy to own. It is versatile and practical, which for many, is the reason you purchase a car. 

Jeremy Webb has a website where you can read reviews on cars, motorcycles, travel and products.

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