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Face Gym: The workout for your face

Face gym.

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4th January 2018

Every year it's the same; new year, new you! Everyone gets down to the gym and tries their best to shed that winter weight.

Face Gym. It is a workout for your face. After speaking to the founder, Inge Theron, I found myself actually questioning why I would go to the gym and work my body muscles and not do my face.

You never think that your facial muscles need to work out, everyone buys cream and lotions to keep their skin young and supple. I can bet that not a lot of people do a facial workout for 5 minutes every day to do the exact same thing.

The treatments are endless at Face Gym so, after some careful deliberation, I selected the Signature Electrical; a quick round the face workout to life, tone and tighten. Followed by the unique Face Gym device which stimulates the muscles.

My skin felt revitalised and I could see a slight difference in the contours of my face. I chose my own oil containing Mulled Wine, which met specific skin needs so my skin felt really nourished and fresh.

The workout itself removed some of the puffiness in my face which was much needed. I’m sure many will agree that after Christmas this really will be much needed. It was different to any other facial I have ever experienced but still relaxing and result-driven.

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