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Finolhu: A Family Paradise in Baa Atoll

Rockstar villa at Finolhu.

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11th September 2023

Located in the beautiful Baa Atoll region of the Maldives, Finolhu is a resort of luxury and adventure that resonates with families seeking a dream escape.

This captivating haven embraces visitors with the caress of the ocean, creating an oasis where time seems to stand still. From impeccably designed interiors to endless activities, personable staff, and an atmosphere of relaxation, Finolhu redefines the essence of a family vacation.

Awakening your senses and kindling your spirit, Finolhu's breathtaking setting sets the stage for an extraordinary family experience. Here, each day becomes a treasured memory. The staff's warm and genuine approach, combined with a serene ocean backdrop, fosters an environment that encourages complete relaxation and unhindered freedom.

Incomparable to any other, Finolhu holds a special place in our hearts, redefining our perspective on island getaways. The sheer joy of waking up to the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean at your doorstep is a privilege we savored every morning. Starting the day with complimentary sunrise yoga sessions on the pristine sandbank and indulging in wholesome breakfasts at Beach Kitchen while spotting playful dolphins in the distance became cherished rituals that never grew old. The resort allows you to set your pace, whether it's participating in the varied activities on offer or simply enjoying a leisurely morning by the pool with a refreshing order of coconut water. This island playground concept is ingrained in Finolhu's spirit, skilfully striking a balance between opulent luxury and unassuming charm. Our four-night stay revealed that this balance is achieved through attentive management and a staff that treats every guest like a newfound friend, embodying kindness, warmth, and a sense of ease.

Our mid-August retreat led us to an overwater villa with a private pool, a perfect space for our two young children. The villas, a testament to Maldivian island aesthetics, are spacious and well-appointed, accommodating even families with children. Offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean from the outdoor deck and pool area, the villas provide comfort that mirrors the easygoing luxury of Finolhu. The modern design elements and attention to detail create an airy and inviting ambiance, perfectly complementing the turquoise waters that beckon beneath. The Finolhu app serves as a comprehensive guide to enhance the villa experience.

overwater villa at Finolhu
The Ocean Pool Villa
The deck in the overwater pool villa
The outdoor deck
The main pool area
The main pool area
birds eye view of finolhu
A birds eye view of Finolhu's stunning Baa Atoll

Ensuring each guest's needs are met, Finolhu designates a dedicated attendant to accompany families throughout their stay. Our experience was elevated by Nashwan, an attendant who exemplified the resort's ethos - casual, friendly, humorous, and attentive to the minutest detail. The staff's genuine demeanor and meticulous service create an unmistakable synergy that defines the Finolhu experience.

The Oceaneers Club, Finolhu's kids club, emerged as a haven within paradise for our family. Operating from 10 AM to 6 PM, the club offered our children an array of engaging activities, allowing us parents to enjoy our own leisure time. The club's offerings cater to children from toddlers to teenagers, providing a mix of playful endeavours and educational experiences. Kite-flying, pizza-making, wool-mandala crafting, and more were augmented by activities like the turtle treasure hunt, where young ones learn about marine life. Creative initiatives like pirate treasure hunts and movie nights added an imaginative touch to each day. The club's proximity to the main restaurant and pool area offers parents the flexibility to unwind without concern, as their children engage in an inspiring world of fun and learning.

The Oceaneers Club's caretakers are the heart of its success. Their nurturing and attentive approach fosters an environment where children flourish. Finolhu's commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the club's activities, where children are integrated into every facet of the experience, making them an integral part of the resort's story.

The Oceaneers Club
The Oceaneers Club main area
The Oceaneers Club
The Oceaneers Club indoor play area

Dining options at Finolhu are substantial with something to suit almost any taste bud; Their main restaurant, Beach Kitchen for example, serves an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. The wonderful part is that each evening focuses on a different culinary theme - one night could be centered on the flavors of India with another night focusing on Maldivian or Italian cuisine. A favorite of ours is their Japanese restaurant Kanusan, a contemporary Japanese restaurant that offers traditional and non-traditional Japanese fare with marvelous views overlooking the ocean. In the evening, you’ll chance upon crabs crawling across the shore or even small sharks swimming to catch their prey.  For some Middle Eastern cravings, there’s the Arabian Grill serving authentic tagines, grilled seafoods and delicious hot and cold mezze platters. 

Finolhu’s dining experience however, wouldn’t be what it is without its highly popular restaurant, the Crab Shack. Oozing rustic island vibes for a very fun and informal dining experience, the shack overlooks the lustrous lagoon and is the place to really just dig your toes into the sand, chill and eat some great seafood whilst catching that ocean breeze.  We highly recommend ordering their lobster rolls, crab tacos, coconut shrimp and their Maldivian lobster. There’s also burgers and classic salads that feature on the menu along with an extensive beverage list - an all time favorite is their utterly refreshing Pandan Sling, a concoction of coconut milk, Pandan syrup and pineapple juice.

Whenever you need a pick-me-up, a post workout protein-shake or a delicious custard froyo, The Milk Lab is the place to go. Located at the main beach area, the Milk Lab is a hip cafe with a small retail area serving all day snacks and drinks that you can either have to-go or to have at its own outdoor seating. One can spend a few hours at the gym, enjoy a protein shake before taking a dip into the ocean. What could be better? Milk Lab will make any cafe addict truly delighted. 

Buffet at Beach Kitchen
Finolhu's extensive buffet area
Seafood at Beach Kitchen
The seafood at Beach Kitchen
Beach Kitchen
Maldivian Night at Beach Kitchen
Crab Shack
The Crab Shack
Crab Shack
Crab Shack overlooking the lagoon
Crab Shack
The mouth-watering seafood at Crab Shack
The dining experience at Kanusan
The bar area at Kanusan
Milk Lab
The Milk Lab for a quick pick-me-up
Milk Lab
Outdoor seating at Milk Lab

An experience we really recommend if you can get up early enough, is their complimentary sunrise meditation and yoga sessions that are held each morning. Starting at 7am, it is one of the most peaceful and surreal things you can witness. Held at the island’s sandbank, all that surrounds you is the vast horizon with the sun gradually rising towards the sky. It’s a moment that we looked forward to each day, and really set the tone for our time spent together as a family. It also gave me the opportunity for some alone time before the kids woke up; each morning, I was able to attend the sunrise yoga session, head off to Beach Kitchen with an order of soya cappuccino in my favorite seat without anyone interrupting me and just taking it all in. Having two hours to myself in the early morning was the cherry on top of my time spent here at Finolhu. I am so sure any mother would appreciate having this moment too. 

The main area at Finolhu's spa
Finolhu spa
The Spa's retail area
Yoga at Finolhu
Aerial yoga pavilion

As our time drew to a close, Finolhu's team surprised us with a booklet of printed memories from our children's stay - a gesture that evoked tears of joy. This gesture encapsulates the essence of Finolhu: a haven where families discover the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. A retreat that leaves parents rejuvenated and children brimming with unforgettable experiences, Finolhu promises an unmissable journey back for all.

Crab Shack
The lustrous lagoon at Crab Shack
Main pool
Finolhu's main pool area

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