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The Ultimate London Fireworks Guide

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By Niamh Walsh on 1st November 2022

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November: Gunpowder, treason and plot!" It's hard to forget this catchy rhyme considering the chaos the current UK parliament is in! Whilst we don't wish for Guy Fawkes' return, we have compiled a list of the best spots in London to visit this Saturday to watch the fireworks, light some bonfires and eat some yummy food!

Living in London and not sure where to go this weekend to watch the fireworks? Our guide stretches from West to East, showcasing the best of what London has to offer this Guy Fawkes Night!

Battersea Park Fireworks

Starting off strong, the Battersea Park fireworks never fail to disappoint! Loved by thousands, this beautiful park is illuminated with a huge bonfire and a spectacular fireworks display on the banks of the river Thames. The new opening of the nearby Battersea Power Station is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after! The display is running for two evenings: Bonfire Night on the 5th of November or Family Night on the 6th of November! Make sure to get your tickets before they're gone!

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

This one is for people north of the river! One of north London's best view points, the Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival is lots of fun! One of the top Bonfire Night events in London and described as the “Glastonbury of Fireworks", the legendary Fireworks display will be headlined by much-loved DJ and national treasure Gok Wan, and if you get cold head inside to their German Bier Fest where you’ll be entertained by an Oompah Band and Elvis Presley tribute show. Don't miss out - book your tickets now!

Wimbledon Park Fireworks

Wimbledon Park will be hosting one of two breath-taking displays of pyrotechnics this November, where music and fireworks combine to create a dramatic and enjoyable show. A spectacular fire and light show has replaced the usual bonfire at this climate-conscious event in recent years, and there will also be rides and a variety of food stalls for snacks. Purchase your tickets now!

Brent and Harrow Fireworks Display

The Brent and Harrow Firework Display combines bonfire night with Diwali for a spectacular showcase for all North London residents! Visitors can enjoy a thrilling display of fireworks, plus a funfair and a variety of food and drink outlets, this Saturday. All tickets are available online at discounted prices, and at the door on the night.

Beckenham Fireworks in the Park

Beckenham Fireworks in the Park is a family-friendly fireworks display for Bonfire Night that has been running since 1946.  With a quieter display running at 6pm for smaller children, the main display kicks off at 7.45pm, and is set to some funky music. With an amazing range of food and drink, including Polish Sausage Hot Dogs, Vegan Burgers, Loaded fries, Candy Floss, Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and so much more - be sure to come hungry!

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