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Historic Garden Tours of England’s Secret Stately Homes


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By Niamh Walsh on 5th June 2024

Explore the verdant beauty and hidden histories of England's lesser-known stately homes through their exquisite gardens.

England's countryside is dotted with majestic stately homes, each bearing witness to centuries of history and intrigue. While some, like Chatsworth and Blenheim Palace, draw crowds by the thousands, there exist a handful of lesser-known estates whose secrets are unveiled only to the curious traveler. Among the many delights these hidden gems offer, none are more enchanting than their meticulously manicured gardens, each a testament to the passion and dedication of generations past. Embark on a journey with us as we uncover the splendor of England's secret stately homes through their historic gardens.

1. Haddon Hall - Derbyshire

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Peak District, Haddon Hall is a medieval manor house straight out of a fairytale. While its interiors boast a trove of antiquities and architectural wonders, it's the gardens that truly steal the show. Wander through the Elizabethan terraces, adorned with fragrant roses and ancient topiaries, and immerse yourself in a bygone era of romance and refinement.

Haddon Hall - Derbyshire
Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

2. Rousham House - Oxfordshire

Tucked away in the heart of rural Oxfordshire lies Rousham House, a Palladian masterpiece untouched by time. Designed by the legendary landscape architect William Kent in the 18th century, its gardens are a testament to his genius. Meander along winding paths bordered by towering hedges, discover hidden grottos and temples, and revel in the timeless beauty of this quintessentially English landscape.

3. Heligan - Cornwall

Once lost to the ravages of time and neglect, the Lost Gardens of Heligan have risen from the ashes to reclaim their place as one of England's most captivating horticultural wonders. Restored to their former glory in the 1990s, these sprawling gardens offer a glimpse into the past, with lush jungle-like landscapes, exotic plantings, and the iconic Mud Maid sculpture. Lose yourself in this botanical paradise and uncover the secrets of a forgotten world.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

4. Bowood House - Wiltshire

Surrounded by sweeping parkland and shimmering lakes, Bowood House is a testament to the grandeur of the Georgian era. While its opulent interiors are a sight to behold, it's the Capability Brown-designed gardens that truly dazzle. Marvel at the serpentine lake, stroll through the picturesque arboretum, and admire the vibrant rhododendrons in full bloom. With every step, you'll be transported back to a time of elegance and splendor.

5. Chilham Castle - Kent

Tucked away in the idyllic countryside of Kent, Chilham Castle is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. While the castle itself boasts a rich history dating back to the 12th century, it's the recently restored gardens that steal the spotlight. Wander through formal parterres, lush rose gardens, and tranquil water features, and soak in the timeless beauty of this quintessentially English estate.

Chilham Castle, Kent
Chilham Castle, Kent

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