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Mina Lee: The Leading Facialist You Need to Book Now


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By Ruth Tertilt on 29th December 2023

Mina Lee is the founder of her own aesthetics studio based in Chelsea, London. Since opening her doors, Mina has attracted a niche clientele who trust her for expert, highly personalised treatments. Due to Lee’s bespoke sessions, she has garnered a reputation as one of London’s most sought-after aesthetic facialists, with a current waitlist of about six months for new clients.

Mina Lee began her journey after taking on various roles within the aesthetics industry. After leaving her home country of South Korea, Lee settled in London and worked her way up in the competitive beauty industry. With 17 years of experience, Lee eventually decided to set out on her own, setting up the Mina Lee studio, with a focus on highly individualised treatments. Her studio in Chelsea has become a sanctuary for clients who seek to feel rejuvenated and refreshed; clients feel that their skin and wellbeing are really taken care of, in the hands of someone they can really trust, to help them not only feel their best, but feel somewhat healed too.

My first meeting with Lee was far from a normal consultation, rather it began with a conversation around our children. Even though this was my first time meeting with Lee, it felt like we were friends catching up. It quickly became evident why her clients adore her. Not only does she personalise each treatment based on skin type and concerns, but Lee treats each one coming through her studio as a newfound friend. 

After our initial conversation and sharing my skin concerns and current skin regime with Lee, she intuitively knew which treatment she would perform on me that day. There is a holistic approach to Lee’s work: she began my treatment by examining my Chakras (energy flows within the body) through soft touch whilst guiding me in some gentle breathwork. After deeply inhaling and exhaling through one nostril, Mina informed me that one of my Chakras was blocked, sensing something negative happening in my life, which took me by surprise. I was then presented with a healing crystal to hold whilst Lee proceeded with my facial. 

After cleansing my face, Lee began a firm massage, putting a particular focus on my jawline, working through the tension it held. Working on one side of the face, she handed me a mirror to show a surprisingly lifted visage —  purely from the transformative benefits of skin massage. I was then treated to a gentle peel to smooth my skin texture, before undergoing a session of mesotherapy. This technique involves a series of tiny injections to penetrate active ingredients deeper into the skin, followed by a glow-boosting LED light treatment.  My facial was finished by Lee layering professional grade aesthetic skincare products by Korean brand Dr. Leze. As a departing gift, Lee kindly gave me a set of products to continue using at home, ensuring my newly bouncy and glowing skin continued long after my treatment.

With a six month waiting list, an appointment with Mina Lee is hard to come by, but the results speak for themselves…

Address: Mina Lee London, 106A Draycott Ave, London, SW3 3AE

Contact: +44 7825881101

Instagram: @minaleelondon

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