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Five Minutes With Celebrated Interior Designer, Rayman Boozer


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By The Sybarite Team on 27th February 2024

With a flair for the colourful and a background in commercial and residential projects, Rayman Boozer has established himself as one to watch in the interior design world.

Having founded his own interior design company, Apartment 48, in 1994, Boozer has become a fixture in New York, cementing himself as a go-to source for all kinds of projects.

With his work featured in major titles such as ELLE Decor, Vogue, and Architectural Digest, the accolades speak for themselves. His ability to blend bold colours and eye-catching patterns is as much a skill as it is a gift, making his brain an interesting one to pick.

Below, we spend five minutes with Boozer, getting his thoughts on palettes, trends, inspiration and of course, a few tips and tricks to try out in your own home.

Why do you love working with colour? What makes it so powerful?

I adore colour because of its ability to elevate moods and transform spaces effortlessly. It's like wielding a magic wand that instantly injects life and vibrancy into any environment.

What colour palette do you suggest for making a small space feel bigger/brighter?

When aiming to expand and brighten a small space, opt for light and airy hues. Painting the walls, ceiling, and trim in the same light colour creates a seamless flow, amplifying the sense of spaciousness.

What colour palette do you suggest for making a room feel warmer/cosier?

To cultivate a cosy ambience, I recommend embracing earthy tones such as warm browns and deep greens. These colours envelop the room in a comforting embrace, fostering a sense of intimacy and relaxation.

What are some low-risk additions you would recommend adding to a room for a pop of colour, like rugs/pillows, etc? Can you share some of your favourite brands to shop from?

For a subtle yet impactful infusion of colour, consider incorporating vibrant pillows, decorative vases, or colourful artwork into the room. I love shopping at Liberty in London for its eclectic selection, while brands like Porta Romana and Abask offer exquisite accessories that elevate any space. Additionally, Hermes is my go-to for elegant gifts for clients, and when it comes to rugs, the Rug Company never fails to impress with its stunning designs.

Where do you personally draw inspiration from?

My primary wellspring of inspiration stems from the ever-evolving realm of fashion. By closely monitoring fashion trends, I gain insights into emerging colour palettes that seamlessly translate into captivating interior designs.

Where do you suggest people draw inspiration from? Magazines/Pinterest etc?

While I find Pinterest to be an invaluable resource for daily inspiration, I also draw creative energy from platforms like YouTube, particularly for insights into fashion and interior design trends.

What do you predict as being big colour trends in 2024?

 In 2024, I foresee a notable resurgence of rich, opulent hues such as luxurious burgundy. Saturated berry tones are poised to dominate, offering a sophisticated and captivating palette that complements contemporary design sensibilities flawlessly.

What projects do you have coming up this year?

Currently, I'm immersed in several exciting projects, including renovations in the vibrant Upper West Side, the final touches on an enchanting English colonial house in Chicago, and the commencement of a captivating vineyard project in the beautiful Napa region. Each endeavour presents a unique opportunity to weave colour and design into captivating narratives.

You can follow Rayman's work here.

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