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Stars in their Bars: the Best Celebrity Drink Brands


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By Hazel Fulton on 13th April 2023

You’ve heard of Beckham’s whisky and Clooney’s tequila… but they’re not the only celebrities with successful side hustles in the drinks industry. Here are our three favourite brands with famous owners.

A 2010's craze you probably weren't expecting was the rise of celeb endorsed or owned brands... From candles to gummy vitamins, the market is beginning to feel rather saturated with celebrity business ventures.

But when it comes to wine and spirits, it’s hard to know what's worth your pretty pennies, so we've compiled a top 3 list of our favourite celebrity drinks for you to get your hands on this summer!

Lenny Kravtiz, Nocheluna Sotol

Lenny Kravitz could not be accused of laziness. As a musician, he’s sold over 40 million albums and won the Grammy for best male rock singer four times in row. But writing and performing are far from his only talents – in recent years the ‘Fly Away’ singer has turned his hand to product and interior design, photography, creative direction and exhibition curation, and partnered with luxury brands such as Cadillac and Dom Perignon on a variety of artistic endeavours. 

His work with Dom Perignon is not his only foray into the drinks world, however. In 2021, while filming the movie Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez, Kravitz tasted Sotol for the first time – a Mexican spirit along the lines of tequila and mezcal – and was so intrigued by its smoky flavour that he decided to partner with the makers to bring it to a wider market. Nocheluna is a premium, organic version of the drink. It’s made from Dasylirion, a tough desert plant in plentiful supply (unlike agave, which has been depleted by the rise in popularity of tequila and mescal). Kravtiz mixed it with pineapple that first night on the filmset, and this combination has stuck as the basis for ‘The Fly Away’, one of the brand’s signature cocktails. 

Nocheluna Sotol
Nocheluna Sotol

The Delevigne Sisters, Della Vite

Self-confessed Prosecco fans Chloe, Poppy and Cara decided to launch their own range of the perfect party drink back in 2020, and it’s gone from strength to strength since. In a category not always synonymous with quality, the sisters have achieved a level of success that evades most celebrity wine backers: their award-winning bottles are loved by the critics and stocked in many of London’s top bars and restaurants. As a result, they’ve just completed a multi-million pound funding round to accelerate growth into new markets.

Meaning ‘of the vine’, the Della Vite range currently comprises two extra-dry Proseccos and a new rosé. Made in collaboration with the Biasiotto family, third-generation winemakers from the Valdobbiadene Valley beneath the Dolomites, the wines combine traditional Italian craft with new innovations to make the process 100% vegan and as natural as possible. The winery is solar-powered and uses a ceramic filtering system rather than draining agents which contain animal products, and the resulting Proseccos are fermented for an extra 30 days for an extra-dry finish. Described as delicate both in colour and taste, these are wines that feel like an authentic expression of their owners’ style and values.

Della Vite
Della Vite

Post Malone, Maison No. 9

Another celeb making waves in the wine world is Post Malone, whose Maison No. 9 rosé celebrates his love of all things Mediterranean. The American rapper – along with his manager Dre London and entrepreneur James Morrissey – worked with a winemaker in Provence to create the perfect blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Merlot (a process that took more than 50 goes to get right). 

The resulting wine, named after Malone’s favourite tarot card, the Nine of Swords, is light and accessible but high quality. The pre-sale stock of 50,000 bottles sold out in 48 hours and crashed the distributor’s site in what was the biggest launch in the industry’s history. Their further inventory of half a million bottles went on to sell out in six months; no mean feat considering this coincided with the enforced shut-down of bars and restaurants due to the pandemic. Since then, the team have been working on ‘drop marketing’ seasonal merchandise and content as part of a strategy more usually associated with fashion brands. Clearly, musical genres aren’t the only things Post Malone has a talent for blending.

Maison No. 9
Maison No. 9

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