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Review: Christmas Drinks Gift Guide

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16th June 2022

A good bottle of something is the perfect Christmas gift, but with so much choice out there it’s hard to know what to go for.

Having some special friends in the drinks industry means I am always introduced to some of the best tasting and impressive looking tipples on the market.

If you want to impress and show off your drinks knowledge here’s some super Christmassy suggestions that are sure to put a smile on the faces of your friends and families this festive season.


Suncamino is the world’s first floral rum, with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom. After ageing for up to eight years in Barbados, Suncamino travels to South Africa and the blend is finished in the Cape Floral Kingdom, a world heritage site, where the natural floral extracts are added. Suncamino is then matured and bottled by hand. Suncamino does not contain sugar or colourants, and no filtration takes place in order to preserve as much of the natural flavours as possible.

Aroma - Smoky Vanilla, Oak & Orange Blossom

Flavour - Smoky Honey, Orange Blossom & Caramel

Finish - A Lush Floral Finish of Hibiscus & Honeybush

RRP: £28.99 for 50cl. ABV: 40%

Available from 31DOVER



A bite of ginger for Jamaican heat - this cask-aged Jamaican rum is infused and distilled with Valencia & Curaçao oranges to add a bright citrus note. Hand zested oranges add a rich citrus aroma and delicious sweet taste. To create a perfect union of citrus and spice, the rum is infused with fresh root ginger. The zesty citrus and fiery spice perfectly complement the sweet taste of sugar cane molasses.

Tasting Notes - Refreshing citrus with a rich layer of sugar cane molasses followed by a mild gingery bite.

RRP: £27.50 for 70cl. 38% AB

Available from Amazon and Master of Malt


The Gladstone Axe Whisky - The Gladstone Axe American Oak and The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe Malt Whiskies are both named after four-times Prime Minister, William Gladstone. The whisky is a modern twist on classic Scotch and are in iconic bottles which tell the story of William Gladstone in a contemporary way. The Gladstone Axe American Oak is aged and finished in American Oak Bourbon barrels and blended from single malt whiskies from 14 different Highland and Islay distilleries.

The Black Axe has a higher proportion of Islay malts, to add just a touch of smoky character.

RRP: £34 for 70cl. ABV: 43%.

Available from Amazon: The Gladstone Axe American Oak and The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe


Bodegas Faustino is the largest vineyard owner in Rioja with a long commitment to the traditional style of the region's wines. The Faustino range includes entry-level and premium wines, which are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

Tasting Notes - Clean, bright, ruby colour developing to maroon. The nose is complex and elegant, with fruity and spicy notes. The mouth is elegant, with pleasant notes from the barrel ageing and a long and silky finish.

RRP - £17.00 for a 75cl bottle

Stockists – Asda, Tesco & Ocado


Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin is a triple-distilled gin, handcrafted in a traditional copper pot still in small batches at one of India’s oldest distilleries, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Jaisalmer Gin encapsulates the whole of India in one bottle as seven of the 11 botanicals are sourced from all four corners of India. Jaisalmer Gin is wonderful in cocktails and makes a classic G&T, mixed with Indian Tonic Water and a twist of orange.

RRP: £34.95 for 70cl. ABV: 43%.

Available from: Amazon, The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt


Mijenta Tequila Blanco is a new award winning, sustainable and artisanal tequila made from 100% Blue Weber Agave in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico. Inspired by a shared cultural heritage, Mijenta offers a unique super premium spirit that is carefully crafted with a commitment to environmental sustainability and support for the local community. Why not celebrate the festive season the Mexican way with these delicious Mijenta Tequila cocktails and Mexican dishes.

Mijenta Tequila RRP: £54.99 for 70cl.

Available from: Master of Malt and


The Lost Explorer Mezcal is this year’s most awarded mezcal and is a must have for your Christmas drinks cabinet. Since its launch in the UK in October 2020 the brand has won a number of awards and is also on a mission to become one of the most sustainable mezcal brands in the world with various environmental initiatives in place to help combat climate change.

If you have a friend or relative who enjoys the delights of agave spirits then why not gift them a personalised bottle. The brand  introduced personalisation of the full range of Mezcal bottles this year and it makes for a stunning, luxury gift . Personalisation is £7 extra on top of the cost of the bottle and the last date for ordering  from The Lost Explorer Website and  getitinkd is the 18th December 2021.

 The Lost Explorer Espadín RRP: £62.50 for 70cl 

The Lost Explorer Tobalá RRP: £109.99 for 70cl  

The Lost Explorer Salmiana RRP: £140 for 70cl

Available from:, Amazon, Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and Casa Agave


Domaine du Météore takes its name from the 200 meter-wide meteorite crater, which struck a hillside in southern France over ten thousand years ago.  Domaine du Météore’s vines are grown in and around the meteorite crater so each bottle is filled with a little bit of stardust. Complex with notes of cocoa powder, ripe black fruit, sweet pepper and mocha, this predominantly Syrah cuvée has a rich, toasted touch.

Its full, deep flavours come to a satisfyingly long and fresh finish Once Domaine du Météore have carefully de-stemmed the grapes, they soak them for a full seven weeks until richly fruity. After fermentation, the wine is matured for 28 months in Burgundy oak barrels on lees, creating its delightful warmth.

RRP: £28.50 for 75cl bottle.

Available from: Domaine du Météore


Cazcabel is a superior tequila crafted in an independent micro distillery in the town of Arandas, located in the highlands of the Jalisco mountains in Mexico. Four award-winning generations have helped perfect every batch of Cazcabel’s production. Cazcabel’s Master Distiller uses only the finest, locally grown, seven year-old Blue Weber agave with the right balance of acid and sugar to create Cazcabel’s unique taste.

The elevation of Arandas ensures that the agave are well hydrated and that they have mineral and nutrient rich soil, which allow them to grow larger than anywhere else in Jalisco. Once harvested, Cazcabel uses autoclaves to steam the agave piñas and start converting the carbohydrates and starches into fermentable sugars. Autoclaves have many benefits including being able to regulate temperatures which allow for an even cook and a beautifully clean tequila. After fermenting in steel tanks for 10 days, Cazcabel is distilled using a combination of copper pot and steel stills and then chill-filtered to remove any impurities. The combination of these processes gives Cazcabel Tequila its well-rounded but amazingly smooth and balanced flavour.

Using the fresh and earthy base of the Blanco, Cazcabel Coffee blends a roasted sweet hit of luxury arabica coffee from the coastal region of Soconusco in Mexico. It’s a stunning tequila that can be used in innovative cocktails such as a Cazcabel Espresso Martini when shaken with espresso and sugar syrup or enjoyed neat over ice.

Cazcabel Coffee RRP: £24.99 for 70cl (ABV 34%). Available from Amazon and Master of Malt

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