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Paris’ exquisite LiLi Canto restaurant


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By Ruth Tertilt on 28th April 2019

When in Paris and should you be craving for some authentic Cantonese food, without question, LiLi is the one to dine at.

Since the Peninsula’s HQ has always been and operated by Hong Kong, it is no surprise that its Parisian chain bring with it an authentic Canto experience in the form of food.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the cuisine or crave delectable dim sum and barbecue meats, we would recommend going for their dinner set menu as it offers an excellent introduction to the restaurants signature dishes which those familiar to Canto food will be pleased with. There of course are some non-traditional dishes like the kimchi fried rice and the highly anticipated roasted Peking duck – a classic that one must order. Pair your dinner with a selection of their finest Chinese teas but most of all enjoy the dinner and admire the strong oriental interior design elements with red being the dominant colour throughout the restaurant. LiLi is also an ideal place to host a special occasion as the aesthetics are beautiful to say the least and the grandeur breath-taking.

When we speak of authentic we mean that the Chefs at LiLi are in fact from Hong Kong where they have been trained by the Peninsula to provide the dishes that signify what the restaurant is all about. The menu served was fresh, savoury and delightful starting off with the delectable elevated pieces of dim-sum. The fish was certainly a favourite cooked in the typical Canto style - steamed and laying in a sufficient amount of soya sauce but cooked expertly so much so that you know you're eating a highly skilled prepped dish that any local would normally have as a home-cooked staple. The twist came in the form of the Kimchi fried rice - uncommon to a Canto's appetite but common enough in that it was stir fried to perfection. Without being too spicy, this kept the menu for an interesting turn of events.

On another note, should you want to go a level higher in your experience, LiLi also offers a Chef’s table experience where you’ll sit in front of the kitchen up close and witness the Chefs creating the dishes for you. The table can seat up to six persons with a menu consisting of roasted Peking duck, steamed sea bass from the Atlantic Ocean with soy sauce and ginger, Kimchi fried-rice as well as a selection of desserts.

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