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28th October 2020

What is the story of the inspiration to start SHA Wellness?

The inspiration behind SHA Wellness Clinic came when my father, Founder of SHA - Alfredo Bataller Parietti, was dealing with his own critical health issues. He was lucky enough to see a doctor who had a great understanding of nutrition and natural therapies, who enabled him to regain his health. Since then, the need and commitment to share it with as many people as possible arose, creating an establishment that combined the most effective and proven natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially with respect to preventive medicine, genetics, and anti-aging.

How has SHA Wellness gone from the initial idea into being developed into this beautiful experience for the public?

SHA Wellness Clinic opened in 2008, seeking to create a global reference in health and wellness.  The beginnings were difficult because we opened in the middle of the worst economic crisis in Spain and it was like learning to swim in the middle of a tsunami. Nowadays, SHA is specialized in anti-aging, preventive medicine, genomics, cognitive improvement, natural therapies and non-invasive aesthetic medicine amongst a range of other unique wellness treatments and therapies dedicated to improving overall health and quality of life. Throughout these last 12 years, we have been acquiring a set of very valuable lessons, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to keep innovating and improving our facilities, treatments and programs. 

Not many wellness resorts will focus on the medical side of wellness, and use actual doctors to achieve this - why did you choose to go down this route for SHA?

Since our opening, we have transformed the lives of more than 60.000 people from all around the world, achieving over 65 international awards from the most prestigious institutions for this work.  I believe that the SHA 360º Method is the key to our success. As it brings together the latest advances in scientific medicine and the most effective natural therapies, giving special prominence to healthy and balanced nutrition. In addition, we offer the most outstanding, internationally renowned experts in nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-aging, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, and many more.

To ensure our guests have access to the latest treatments we are constantly researching on the latest advancements. We´ve created a scientific committee, we encourage our health experts to dedicate a percentage of their time to research and we have cooperation agreements with different top universities. For us to consider incorporating a new treatment, machinery or unit we first check that it complies with three principles that are part of our essence: That they are effective, non-invasive or minimally invasive, and medical approved. 

Why do you think now, more than ever, it is important for people to focus on their health and wellbeing?

In recent years we have made progress on many fronts as a society, but unfortunately, we have moved backwards in our lifestyle. We eat worse than we did 50 years ago (60% of the food we consume is processed), we lead more frenetic lives, we rest less, we are exposed to more pollution...
We are currently going through a situation that is, without a doubt, a "waking call" to be more aware of the need to take better care of our organism. This situation is a humbling cure for medicine and a reminder that we cannot expect it to always solve our problems, we must be responsible for our health and well-being through a proper lifestyle. 

Where do you see the luxury wellness industry heading in these times?

Although the tourism sector is currently affected, in particular the wellness tourism sector, which was already growing 50% faster than traditional tourism, will be increased.
If up to now we have been targeting the probably most educated, experienced and demanding traveller, this situation will make him even more demanding with the compensation he expects to receive for leaving the comfort and safety of his home. This type of guest in the coming years will do more research before making a decision, and their expectations will be higher. 
We have been talking about experiences for a decade, and now we are looking for more than just an experience, a transformation, in any aspect of life, and in that the wellness sector is unbeatable

Where do you see the future of SHA Wellness, in 10, 20 years?

We will continue to research and evolve to fulfill our promise of always offering the most advanced techniques and treatments to our guests. 
Replicating the SHA concept with success on every continent making it possible for more and more people to benefit from the SHA method. 
Looking for ways to continue to support people in their day to day lives, taking advantage of advances in technology.

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