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End of Summer Rosé Review


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8th September 2021

As the summer draws to a close, the team at The Sybarite is (desperately) holding onto the last stretch of sunshine and outdoor living that we can get in.

And synonymous with long summer balmy evenings is, of course, rosé. With summer water gaining enormous popularity in recent years, and different experts of thoughts pulling consumers in opposing directions (is ‘the lighter the rosé, the better’ really true?), we felt it was our responsibility to put some of the more popular rosés to the test.

You’re welcome.. Read further for some surprises, some classic stars and a few disappointments in the wonderful world of rosé.

The Celebrity Surprise

Maison No. 9 Rosé 2019

George Clooney, Jay Z, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Jordan - owning an alcohol brand is a trend that has spread like wildfire. Although many celebs venture into the world of liquor, some have jumped into the pink seas of rosé, and one of those celebrities is Post Malone. Launched in April this year, Maison No. 9 is named after Post Malone’s favourite tarot card, Nine of Swords. With a crispy refreshing taste but a surprisingly smooth finish, Maison No. 9 was our unexpected star. Do not be put off by the sword on the branding or the darkness of their social pages, the bottle is beautiful and the wine even more so. 

Best Amie’s Forever

amie Rosé 2020

What better to come out of a Covid-19 lockdown, than a group of friends teaming together to make a delicious French rosé? With the tagline of ‘made for friends, by friends’, amie is exactly what it says on the bottle - the perfect rosé to share with friends. amie rosé is fresh, vibrant, easy to drink and filled with delicious berry flavours. We love a good label, and this one is a great one, designed by a close friend of the founders and an acclaimed artist. Buy this rosé today, share with a group of friends and be transported to a table in the South of France instantly. 

Let’s Talk About AIX Baby

AIX Rosé 2020

High up in the hills just north of Aix-en-Provence, lies a little slice of heaven - the Maison Saint Aix estate. AIX rosé has been around for a while, and has not lost popularity - and for good reason. With a smooth and almost creamy finish, this rosé is the definition of moreish. The label is fantastic, bold and proud, and the wine is a perfect balance of the traditions of Provencal vineyards and the hype that rosé has been swept up in in the last 10 years - the magnums are unmissable in Saint Tropez in the summer. Have a glass, have a bottle, have a magnum, we will never grow tired of the ‘joie de vivre’ of AIX rosé.

 Whispering Queen

Whispering Angel 2020

The queen of all rosés hardly needs an introduction, but could definitely not go amiss in our review. Whispering Angel is the epitome of a beautiful pale rosé and its majestic bottle is unlike any other. And more importantly, it tastes bloody fantastic. Both sweet and dry, this rosé has been said to have begun the ‘Rosé Renaissance’ upon the purchase of Chateau d’Esclans by Sacha Lichine in 2006. Many have come before, many will come after, but Whispering Angel will always remain one of our favourites. 

Summer in the Hamptons

Hampton Water Rosé 2019

Great name? Check. Great label? Check. Cool owners? Check. Great Instagram page? Check. Hampton Water Rosé seems to tick all the right boxes. Hampton Water, started by Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse, is the cool kid wine. Their online presence makes you want to move to the Hamptons and sit by the pool all day, and their fun label makes you want to dive into the pink waters of Hampton Water immediately. Although not a particular stand out to us in terms of taste, the fresh, lively flavour does no harm either. Born in France, Raised in the Hamptons - that’s a plan we can get behind!

Spinning Our Heads Round

Kylie Minogue Côtes de Provence Rosé 2020

Let us start by saying that Kylie Minogue was the most generous when it came to sending us wine - we got multiple bottles of different varieties of the Kylie Minogue Rosé brand. But perhaps herein lies the problem: there were slightly too many. Wines often become a success off the basis of one strong superstar, and that has never been more true as it is with rosé (think Whispering Angel and AIX). Consumers almost don’t want there to be too much choice. Kylie Minogue’s bottles were fresh and girly like their namesake, and the flavours were equally sweet and peachy. For us, unfortunately, there was just a lack of wow-factor...

A Touch of Spain

Julieta’s Golden Rosé 2020

Rosé is not limited to France, so we decided to dip our toes into Spanish waters. Julieta’s has gained immense popularity in the social media/ influencer crowd in Spain this summer - unsurprising, as the women behind the brand are two powerful, fashionable business women, Saioa and Sofia. The story is a lovely one, doused in Spanish romanticism: they wanted their wine to be reminiscent of a perfume and to be a retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in its taste. Unfortunately, the taste of Julieta’s didn’t impress us as much as the story and feel of the brand. The rosé was much darker which, although not necessarily bad, the hints of blueberry, cherry and strawberry were too sweet and the nectarine left a very sour after taste. A bit heavy for summer, so perhaps a rosé that is more suited to Autumn..

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