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The Cadogan Clinic fat reduction treatment


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By Ruth Tertilt on 7th May 2017

We all have stubborn areas of fat that no amount of gym sessions or healthy eating will shift.

But what if there was a new technology that basically deleted those pesky areas of fat that you've tried so hard to downsize? With more and more people looking for non-surgical treatments to reduce unwanted fat, we visited The Cadogan Clinic in London to try their body contouring laser treatment, which promises to do just that.

The Cadogan Clinic offers a range of non-surgical aesthetic options and dermatology treatments and takes residence in a rather discreet brick building just off Sloane Square. If you are unsure what sets this clinic apart from many others of its kind, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Cadogan really knows it's stuff. Originally founded in 2008 by Bryan Mayou, a pioneering plastic surgeon best known for introducing the famous fat reduction treatment, liposuction, to the UK, the Cadogan Clinic team comprises the very best consultants; hand-picked for their industry authority, published research and innovative ideas.

Ahead of getting a new treatment, it is completely normal to feel apprehensive. However, the clinic's quiet, modern interior and number of smiley health and beauty professionals clad in white coats drifting around, puts you at ease as soon as you enter the building. The Cadogan Clinic is surprisingly large, with a multitude of white corridors, rooms and floors spreading across the building.

The body contouring treatment I was going to be trying was carried out by a machine called SculpSure™. This futuristic, impressive machine targets the stubborn pockets of fat on the flanks and abdomen that won’t budge despite a healthy diet and exercise (you can also get it on other areas such as arms and back but lower abdomen in the most common).

It is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive fat reduction and uses a controlled light-based technology which works by heating up and destroying fat cells in targeted areas, known as lipolysis.

The applicators lie flat on the skin and send out waves of intense heat and cold to the fat cells, without damaging the skin itself. The great thing about using SculpSure™ is that there is no downtime, so you are able to move around freely, enabling you to go home or back to work, making it a preferable to surgical fat removal options such as liposuction. It's also safe to exercise the next day as usual. However, the targeted area will feel tender and bloated for a few days after the treatment.

The SculpSure™ laser treatment, which lasts 25 minutes, is not meant to be painful, with patients mostly feeling tingling sensations varying feelings of warmth and cold, however, some people have likened the process to contractions or intense menstrual cramps. The practitioner who carried out my treatment, Ms Alicia Redondo Sanz, was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process, answering any questions I had, holding my hand during the treatment and making me feel completely comfortable.

The SculpSure™ laser treatment
The SculpSure™ laser treatment

Depending on the size of the fat pocket, more than one session may be needed, but don't worry, the fat cells targeted are permanently destroyed in each treatment. Getting a consultation before the treatment can help with determining this.

So how long does it take to see results? The clinic says that patients usually see results from 6 weeks onwards after their treatment. However, most people will need 12-13 weeks to notice optimum results. Alicia advises that following the treatment, patients should drink lots of water on a daily basis to help flush the destroyed fat cells out of the body.

Prices start from £500 / area at The Cadogan Clinic.

The Cadogan Clinic
120 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London, SW1X 9BW
+44 (0)20 7901 8500

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