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The Visionary Behind a Functional and Feminine Fashion Brand


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By Cherelle Mukoko on 9th August 2023

Meet Wiggy Hindmarch, director and founder of Wiggy Kit; a women's luxury ready-to-wear brand changing the game.

In the world of fashion, with social media brands and luxury labels abound, finding a truly unique and high-quality brand can be a challenge. However, Wiggy Kit, founded in 2015 by the dynamic and sophisticated entrepreneur Wiggy Hindmarch, is changing the game with its distinctive approach to women's ready-to-wear fashion. Contributor Cherelle Mukoko had the privilege of delving into the mind behind this innovative brand.

Wiggy Kit stands out as a brand that is truly one-of-a-kind, delivering both creativity and quality. Can you share your thought process that brings your creative vision to life and sets you apart from the rest?

WH: I was determined to create a brand with a distinctive voice; unmistakably 'Wiggy Kit.' Blending European and US aesthetics from my experiences on both sides of the Atlantic has helped give the brand its unique edge. We curate our fabrics and prints in-house, ensuring the 'Wiggy Kit Handwriting' flows through every collection. I want our designs to be instantly recognizable, with proportions that flatter and enhance the female form. Our pieces are crafted to empower women with confidence, allowing them to embrace life without worrying about their attire.

Blue patterned dress.

The brand's unique identity is truly striking. Did your journey into fashion stem from a childhood dream, or did your passion evolve over time?

WH: I believe it has always been a part of me. My love for clothing and image has been a constant thread in my life, whether it's makeup, hair, or fashion. My background in dance and performing arts fueled my desire to create something of my own, to put a piece of myself out in the world for critique. There's a thrilling aspect to creating something personal that resonates with others, and that excitement becomes addictive, spurring us to continually win over clients.

Your international upbringing has undoubtedly shaped your perspective. How has this diverse background influenced the direction of Wiggy Kit?

WH: Living across various climates and social contexts has profoundly impacted my worldview. Exposure to diverse networks and situations has given me the ability to appreciate and cater to the lifestyles of our clients worldwide. Instead of focusing solely on my immediate surroundings, I consider the comfort and style preferences of our global clientele.

Wiggy Kit celebrates femininity in its myriad forms. Could you elaborate on your role as an ambassador for Women Supporting Women at the Prince's Trust and what motivated you to join this movement?

WH: I recently became a part of The Prince's Trust through my dear friend India Hicks, who has been involved for years. Witnessing the tangible impact of Women Supporting Women within The Prince's Trust deeply moved me. This initiative offers practical mentorship and guidance, without any patronising undertones. It's about fostering ambition and self-belief. The authenticity of this program resonated with me, and I wanted to contribute to its success.

Women Smiling with Text Stating: Women Supporting Women
The Prince's Trust: Women Supporting Women Programme.

In the era of social media influencers and celebrities, do you feel pressured to cater to their preferences? How do you approach this aspect of brand promotion?

WH: While it's gratifying to see celebrities and influencers wearing our pieces, I don't primarily focus on this aspect. Authenticity is key – collaborating with individuals who genuinely love the brand adds an unmistakable shine. What truly delights me is encountering our creations worn by clients in their everyday lives. The fact that they've invested their hard-earned money in our designs is incredibly humbling.

Within your current collection, do you have a favourite piece?

WH: Ah, that's a tough one! Right now, I'm particularly enamoured with our sets.

Blue Gingham Blouse & Shorts

For aspiring entrepreneurs eyeing a fashion journey, what advice would you impart?

WH: Start small with a focused selection that you believe will sell. Test the market before investing extensively. Growth should be gradual and organic, adapting based on how your brand is received. It's not just about creating a superior product; effectively reaching your audience is equally crucial. Ensure your pricing strategy includes a healthy margin that takes into account both visible and hidden costs. A profit is essential for a sustainable business. However, finding the balance between pricing and market acceptance is paramount.

What does the future hold for Wiggy Kit?

WH: The future is remarkably bright! Our recent growth has been phenomenal, with many styles selling out rapidly this season. We're diversifying our offerings by introducing categories like knitwear, outerwear, and partywear, aiming to dress our followers around the clock. I'll also continue connecting with clients in the US and hosting events there. The vision is to keep expanding and evolving, maintaining our commitment to exceptional quality and empowering women through fashion.

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