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The Ultimate Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Canal.

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By Niamh Walsh on 18th December 2023

Experience the epitome of Dutch living with Michelin-starred dining, private canal cruises, and an iconic stay at Jan Luyken Amsterdam.

Welcome, wanderers, to the Venice of the North – Amsterdam, where the city's golden age charm blends with its vibrant and eclectic modern allure. If you're looking to elevate your Amsterdam experience beyond the ordinary, join us on a journey through the city's finest destinations, adorned, as always, with a touch of luxury.

Where to Stay

Jan Luyken Amsterdam

Amsterdam's hospitality scene boasts an array of trendy spots, but none shine as brightly as Jan Luyken Amsterdam. Located on a beautiful tree-lined street in the heart of the Museum District, this boutique townhouse effortlessly captures the spirit of elegance and refinement. The 55 guest rooms are impeccably appointed, combining modern amenities with classic Dutch design elements. Each room features a king-size bed, plush linens, and a private bathroom with a rain shower. Spacious windows overlook the vibrant cityscape, inviting the sights and sounds of Amsterdam into your retreat.

Beyond the standard amenities, the hotel offers a host of exclusive experiences to enhance your stay. Their knowledgeable concierge team can arrange private tours of the city's hidden gems, secure tickets to sold-out shows, or even arrange for a romantic candlelit dinner in your room.

Jan Luyken Amsterdam
Jan Luyken Amsterdam

Where to Dine

No euro trip is complete without a gastronomic adventure, and Amsterdam offers a feast for the senses. Begin your culinary journey at Ciel Bleu, perched on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Okura. With two Michelin stars and panoramic views of the city, it's a flavour feast that will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds. The menu showcases the finest seasonal ingredients, prepared with impeccable technique and presented with artistic flair. As you enjoy each exquisite dish, be captivated by the panoramic views of the city, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Michelin Food

For a more intimate affair, head to Vinkeles, a Michelin-starred restaurant tucked away in a charming canal house. This establishment embodies the essence of Dutch cuisine, with a menu that changes seasonally to reflect the freshest produce. Expect impeccable service and a warm, inviting atmosphere as you indulge in dishes like pan-roasted foie gras with pear and black truffle, or Dutch lobster with langoustine and fennel foam. Complement your culinary adventures with Amsterdam's renowned wine scene. The city boasts a thriving wine bar culture, with numerous establishments offering a diverse selection of vintages from around the world.

Michelin food

Art and Culture

Amsterdam's cultural tapestry is woven with masterpieces waiting to be discovered. Begin at the Rijksmuseum, a treasure trove of Dutch art spanning the ages. Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" and Vermeer's "The Milkmaid" are but a few strokes of genius that await. The museum's collection showcases the rich history of Dutch art, from the Golden Age to contemporary masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the stories behind the paintings, and let the masterpieces transport you back in time.

A trip to Amsterdam would be incomplete without a stroll through the enchanting Van Gogh Museum, where the works of the troubled artist come to life. One of the most influential artists of all time, explore his groundbreaking techniques, delve into the influences that shaped his art, and feel the raw emotion that radiates from his brushstrokes.

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum

Canal Cruises

Amsterdam's canals are its arteries, pulsating with the rhythm of the city. For an unforgettable way to experience Amsterdam's enchanting canal system, embark on a private cruise with Pure Boats. Their bespoke experiences offer a touch of luxury, with champagne, a knowledgeable guide, and a panoramic view of the city as you glide through the waterways. As you cruise along the canals, soak in the beauty of Amsterdam's architecture, from the iconic Rijksmuseum to the charming Jordaan district. Listen to stories of the city's history and culture, and let the tranquil atmosphere wash over you.

Canals in Amsterdam
Canals in Amsterdam

Beyond the Canals

While the canals are undoubtedly a highlight of Amsterdam, the city has much more to offer curious travelers. Venture beyond the waterways and discover a wealth of hidden spots, from the vibrant Jordaan district to the Anne Frank House, a poignant reminder of the city's wartime history.


The Jordaan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a charming neighborhood known for its narrow streets, quaint canals, and welcoming atmosphere. Stroll through its cobblestone lanes, browse the unique boutiques, and enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the many cosy cafes.

Jordaan district
Jordaan district

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House, a former secret annex where Anne Frank hid with her family during World War II, is a poignant and moving experience. Read Anne's diary entries, explore the cramped quarters where she lived for two years, and reflect on the resilience of the human spirit.

Other Must-See Attractions

Venture beyond the Jordaan and Anne Frank House to discover other notable attractions, such as:

  • Museumplein: This vibrant square is home to three renowned museums: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum.

  • Dam Square: The heart of Amsterdam, Dam Square is a bustling hub of activity, with iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace and the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

  • Red Light District: While controversial, the Red Light District is a fascinating glimpse into Amsterdam's unique cultural landscape. Take a guided tour to learn about its history and current practices.

Dam Square
Dam Square


As the sun sets, Amsterdam transforms into a playground for the nocturnal. Start your evening at Door 74, a hidden gem and one of the city's best cocktail bars. The dimly lit ambiance, bespoke concoctions, and clandestine atmosphere create an air of mystery and intrigue. Indulge in a selection of expertly crafted cocktails, each designed to tantalise your taste buds and transport you to a world of indulgence.

For a truly immersive dining experience, venture into the Supperclub. This avant-garde concept combines gourmet cuisine with theatrical performances and unique decor, creating an experience that defies convention. As you enjoy delectable dishes, be captivated by the ever-changing ambiance, from intimate candlelit settings to vibrant dance parties. The Supperclub is a must-try for those seeking a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Door 74
Door 74

Whether you're savoring Michelin-starred cuisine, cruising along historic canals, or immersing yourself in the artistic legacy of Amsterdam, let each moment be a testament to the city's boundless allure. So, pack your finest threads and prepare for a journey that transcends the ordinary – because in Amsterdam, luxury isn't just a lifestyle; it's a legacy.

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