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Meet Clajah Bricc’e


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24th March 2016

The original personal Health Au Pair Clajah Bricc’e talks to The Sybarite about wellbeing, healthy living and getting in shape, and promises us it’s not as hard as you might think!

Growing up in London surrounded by the buzz of a hard-working city that never sleeps, Clajah found herself particularly inspired by her aunt, whose demanding schedule made keeping healthy an absolute must. As a singer working with the likes of Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder, Clajah’s aunt was constantly on the go, and she relied heavily on her fitness to be able to do her job. Even at such a young age, Clajah says she “wanted to be just like [her]” and really understood how important working out and eating well was for peace of mind, as well as body.

Unsurprisingly, Clajah went on to study Biology, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at university, further equipping herself with the necessary knowledge to make her business idea a very healthy reality.

She loved the variety and complexity of the clients she took on “working with children and families, celebrities, sports figures and high powered executives”, all with a range of different health objectives. She now has more than 20 years of experience in the international health sector.

Relocating across the pond, the next stage of Clajah’s journey saw her launch a health consultation service in California, where she stayed for 17 years. A famously health-conscious and aesthetically driven destination, California provided the opportunity to grow a rewarding client base; a mix of visiting private clients in their homes, movie sets and at the office.

“So many people want to get healthy, but they just don’t know how”, says Clajah, explaining the thinking behind starting her business. “A service sending you home with a programme wasn’t enough, I wanted to create a business that literally holds your hand every step of the way”. The aim is to add a personal touch to the wellness concept Health Au Pair offers: designing a varied exercise regime, preparing healthy, balanced meals and motivating clients to adapt to a new lifestyle without feeling negative about the process, making it important that “it shouldn’t feel like a chore”.

The Sybarite can’t help but wonder: when it comes to her own routine, just how does the Health Au Pair herself practice what she preaches? A fundamental success factor in Clajah’s work is identifying how each individual manages to relax, regroup and refocus. Personally never underestimating the importance of a workout followed by a revitalising steam or sauna. But - perhaps most significantly - she stresses the importance of a “good laugh”. After all, it’s crucial to remember the role the mind plays in the wellbeing of the body as a whole.

So far, so good, right? It certainly sounds doable. So where does the hard work come in?
“Well, I’m a big believer in doing cross training”, “good sleep, drinking lots of water with fresh sliced cucumber and apple slices, I also have a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon every morning.”

It’s fair to say discipline can be difficult, so how easy is it to ensure we can still eat well and be healthy? What would Clajah cook for you if you were to be invited to dinner? “Fish, the great superfood quinoa, a variety of raw crispy veggies, stir fry veggies - my favourite paradise salad, all made with a nice Thai influence. Ooh and I would end it with my homemade sweet potato brownies and coconut gluten free ice cream yummy!” Count us in!

At The Sybarite we are all about luxury hunting, so we were keen to know what Clajah regards as the definition of luxury in her field. “It’s easy,” she tells us, “Luxury in my field, is the complete Health Au Pair experience. Being able to have such a personal hands on service [that] ensures real results. The amazing feeling one would have after such a luxury experience is completely luxury”.

Keep your eyes open for an experience with Clajah Bricc'e and Health au Pair at The Sybarite.

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