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The Private World Suite by VistaJet x Frieze


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By Lily Niu on 14th October 2022

The Sybarite kicks off Freeze London 2022 with a trip to VistaJet’s Private World Suite where art loving jetsetters can take a break from the fair.

VistaJet - the first and only global private aviation company - has partnered with Frieze London to provide guests with VIP access to the exhibition with private tours by leading art curators and intimate dinners.

Together with Savills Private Office, VistaJet has opened a Regent’s Crescent property as a Private World Suite which members can access throughout the course of the art fair.

It’s here we chat to VistaJet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Matteo Atti, about how they’re catering to guests’ Frieze London experience, what goes into curating the services VistaJet travellers benefit from onboard and on-the-ground, and what their plans are for the future.

Frieze London 2022 marks an extraordinary opportunity for VistaJet members - of whom over 80% share a passion for art - a chance to connect with art in the most imaginative and exclusive ways. 

Running Oct 12th - 16th, this year’s event can be enjoyed by VistaJet Program Members from the comfort of their seat at 40,000 feet in the sky, anywhere in the world, thanks to exclusive access to the Frieze Viewing Room. Using cutting edge and immersive technology to preview, select, and acquire art from the world’s leading galleries, members are accompanied by a Frieze curator to virtually chaperon them into their initial exploration, during which unmissable pieces and highlights from the show will be shared with them. 

“We are very lucky because not many businesses have the chance to observe their clients the way we have,” says Matteo Atti, VistaJet’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We spend time with them in the cabin through our crew, who report back to us about what people have said. We then decide what solutions to offer them based on our observations of what they would enjoy.” 

It’s this very process that has led to this exciting new partnership between VistaJet and Frieze, for whom travellers heading to the world renowned art fair can actually get a head start in selecting the best pieces across all collecting categories to add value to their collections.

“On the ground, our customers would be staying in the best suites, going to a great golf course to play with the best golfers in the world, and, of course, attending Frieze festival,” Matteo says. “We’re trying to make sure there are no gaps and everything in our service fits seamlessly into their lifestyles and what they want. With art, the problem is ‘How do I bring my art home?’, ‘Do I have access to the fair?’, ‘I need some time with my art buyer’, or ‘I’d like to meet an artist.” We can facilitate all of that and the reason we can is because we’ve observed their needs and we try to make things simple for them.”

In the new Private World Suite, located just a stone’s throw away from the Frieze Festival site at one of London’s poshest postcodes, Park Crescent, members can take a breather from all the stimuli to rest and regroup between events. The space boasts an exclusive meeting space and sanctuary with food curated by celebrated chef Cyril Lignac and his team at Bar de Pres, artwork around the property sourced by Robilant+Voena, champagne thanks to Billecart-Salmon, and facials and massages by new VistaJet partners Guerlain. There are also dedicated cars for members going back and forth from Frieze. 

As for what VistaJet have planned for the future, Matteo shares that even if every flight an aircraft from their fleet makes is unique, they can still serve their members in the smoothest way possible; “We’ve been growing through our own effort of trying to achieve excellence in everything we do,” he says. “We’ve been growing with referral- We don’t have big marketing budgets and have never been about large marketing. We’ve been growing through storytelling, our services, and by referral. Our customers are happy and introduce us to their friends who try us and become members too. That is our dream; to continue producing something that sells itself because that’s the best way.” 

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