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Last night a DJ saved my life

The dj dispensary .

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20th July 2016

Fancy learning how to scratch, spin and mix in the morning, then feeling the sand between your toes in the afternoon?

Turn your disc-jockey dreams into reality on a DJ Dispensary retreat “You ruin your life by tolerating it. At the end of the day you should be excited to be alive.

When you settle for anything less than what you innately desire, you destroy the possibility that lives inside of you, and in that way you cheat both yourself and the world of your potential. The next Michelangelo could be sitting behind a Macbook right now writing an invoice for paperclips, because it pays the bills, or because it is comfortable, or because he can tolerate it. Do not let this happen to you.”

So scribbled Bianca Sparacino in her first published work, How To Ruin Your Life Without Realising You Are. Here at Sybarite HQ we know we’re not the next Michelango but as teens we indulged in fantasies about working as a DJ, before stepping on the career treadmill and giving up on our dreams.

But if Paris Hilton - the actress/model/singer is now earning a crust as a DJ, who is to say the Sybarite can’t follow in the heiress’ footsteps and put Djing on our resume?

Especially when there’s now a  school - step forward the DJ Dispensary - offering to teach us to DJ in style at some of the the world’s hottest hotels.

On a DJ Dispensary retreat, industry experts like Matty Wainwright, Brendon P, Phat Phil Cooper (a name and a talent to remember), Richard Norris, Stephen Day, Paul T and Adrian Giordan - all of whom have played at venues across the globe from Cielo (New York) Ministry of Sound (London) to Zouk (Singapore), and Cafe Mambo (Ibiza) - spend mornings covering the practical and theoretical stages of DJing.

Then in the afternoon, you’ll enjoy a one on one practical session with your private tutor to hone your DJ skills, before doing as much or as little as you’d like. (The big draw of the DJ Dispensary’s retreat is that you learn how to spin and scratch while also getting to dip a toe in the water of beach life).

Evenings meanwhile are all about the sunset sessions: experienced international DJ tutors spin the tunes as the sun does its incredible sinking thinking, and are usually on hand for a catch up on all of the days activities.

Then at the end of the retreat, decks are turned over to the tutees to play a live DJ set to a bunch of party-ready new friends and music lovers in Insta-perfect locations… what’s not to love?

So, if you’re reading this and wondering whether working in an office for the rest of your life and sitting in management meetings trying to look like you care is it, or you have an inkling that you could make music (and money) somewhere tropical, then it’s time to sign up for a DJ Dispensary retreat -and make your rock ’n’ roll dream a reality.

You will have to be a member of The Sybarite to take advantage of this experience. Please read our terms and conditions before booking. For more information, kindly email us on

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