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Los Montes de Galicia


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4th May 2021

Los Montes de Galicia, founded by Chef Jose Espasandín in the late 90s, serves the best Galician cuisine right in the heart of vibrant Madrid.

Combining outstanding Atlantic Spanish food and nouvelle cuisine flavours, this lovely restaurant located at Barrio de Salamanca, will transport you to the North of Spain without moving from the capital. An exciting gastronomic journey you shouldn't miss if you find yourself wandering through the city. A delight for all senses.

The Sybarite recently took off to Madrid (for work, obviously!). We had the pleasure of visiting Los Montes de Galicia, and who knew we’d enjoy this exquisite restaurant as much as we did.

As soon as you step into this elegant place, you automatically understand why everybody’s talking about it: the stylish modern decor, the abundance of hanging vegetation and the decorative ornaments manage to create the perfect atmosphere for a great fine-dining experience either with your friends, family or your loved one.

Los Montes de Galicia is divided into two different spaces: the restaurant and the cocktail area, all separated from each other but very much connected. Blue vivid tones, wooden decorative elements, modern, bright… pictures don’t do justice to how pretty this place is.

Chef Jose Espasandín uses seasonal and selected products sourced from local suppliers from the Galician coast and the most natural ingredients straight from the garden to the kitchen. 

We took our seat and started our journey by doing what we do best - ordering a bottle of wine. We were served some appetizers and some bread fresh out of the oven. Delicious.

We kicked off our lunch with a gorgeous complementary plate. We were treated with a selection of four homemade “Buñuelos de Bacalao” (Cod fritters with roasted garlic ali-oli). We have to admit that our hearts were full since the very first bite. Succulent, creamy and crunchy cod fritters full of flavour. Truly recommend them.

For our starters, we ordered a few recommendations from the chef: “Pulpo A Feira” (Octopus with extra virgin olive oil) and the “Ensaladilla Rusa” (Russian salad with mayonnaise foam, mujol roe and tuna). Both of them were honestly sublime but the octopus.. a real taste of the sea. Exceptional.

Excellent starters were followed by phenomenal mains. We ordered  “Costillas de cerdo melosas con barbacoa oriental” (Soft Pork ribs with oriental barbecue sauce) and “Chipirones encebollados en esencia de Albariño” (Squid infused with Albariño essence).

The Pork ribs were exquisite, a delicately cooked meat in a rich oriental barbecue sauce surrounded by fresh vegetables. We truly think it was created for our own eating pleasure. The squid was really tender and not too chewy. What we loved the most was the succulent onion sauce underneath the fish. Cooked to perfection and full of flavour. Absolutely delicious.

Their most accomplished and best dish we had, it was without a doubt la Tarta de Queso (Galician cheesecake with passion fruit and mango confiture). The dish had about everything we were looking for, from its perfect presentation and rich cheesy flavour to its crumbly biscuit base. Unbelievable.  

We had such an incredible experience at Los Montes de Galicia. The dishes were well presented and demonstrated a lot of skill, as well as the service being impeccable. If you are looking to indulge yourself into proper and exquisite Atlantic Spanish food, we couldn't think of any better place in Madrid to do it than here. This wasn’t just a good meal, but a fantastic one we won’t be forgetting soon.

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