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Spend Valentine’s Day in Copenhagen

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By Niamh Walsh on 11th January 2023

We're kickstarting this travel series in Copenhagen, a culinary capital and city of hygge! Whilst you're there, stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in Scandinavia.

With a mere 48 hours at my disposal in the heart of Denmark's capital, I was determined to optimise every moment while simultaneously indulging in a tranquil weekend escape from the bustling rhythm of London life. This endeavour might sound like an insurmountable challenge, yet the solution was conveniently at hand: Nimb Hotel, a castle-like haven that seemed to materialise from a dream.

Upon our arrival after a short Friday evening flight, the affable Peter greeted us with a warm smile, exuding a genuine eagerness to enhance our entire sojourn. The service we encountered was flawless, a manifestation of the Danish ethos - embracing the essence of hygge with an added touch of romantic allure.

Nimb Hotel epitomises the essence of Scandinavian opulence. Housing a mere 38 guest chambers, this castle stands as a sanctuary of serenity, positioned gracefully behind the majestic Tivoli Gardens. Notably, Nimb's patrons enjoy complimentary access to these gardens, the world's third-oldest operating amusement park. The castle itself is a harmonious fusion of resplendent Moorish architecture and chic Scandinavian design, a perfect union of grandeur and contemporary elegance. Beyond providing lavish accommodations, the fanciful Nimb Hotel curates an array of artistic and cultural experiences within its premises. These offerings encompass garden soirées, wine tastings, as well as rooftop opera and jazz concerts.

Where to Stay

In case I haven't already convinced you of the enchantment that awaits at Nimb Hotel, allow me to paint the scene for you. Imagine the captivating allure of neo-Moorish romantic architecture - intricate spires, elegant domes and gracefully curved windows. However, Nimb Hotel's appeal extends far beyond its exquisite exterior; it's the interior that truly elevates it above other accommodations in the city.

The foundation of Nimb Hotel has been meticulously crafted, boasting stunning stained wooden floors and a selection of premium Danish offerings (yes, I'm talking about you, Bang & Olufsen). This establishment is the ultimate haven for relaxation. Upon entering our room, we were greeted by the delightful surprise of heart-shaped rose petals artfully scattered across the king-size bed. As if that weren't enough, a balcony awaited, providing a charming view of the festively adorned Tivoli Gardens. And not to be forgotten, a delightful bottle of bubbly stood ready, a refreshing reward after a long day of travel.

For those with a refined palate, Nimb Hotel perfectly aligns with Copenhagen's dynamic culinary landscape. In a city where culinary competition is alive and well, Nimb Hotel consistently rises to the challenge and sets its own remarkable standards. With a diverse range of menus, Nimb Hotel boasts arguably one of Copenhagen's finest bars, complete with a cozy fireplace for those cozy winter nights. Further dining options include Fru Nimb, a smørrebrød restaurant, a French brasserie, the plant-based menu at Gemyse, and the irresistible pastry haven known as Cakenhagen.

Seeking Serenity

And yet, if the array of dining options isn't sufficient to satiate your desires, the wellness centre, inaugurated in 2018, offers an intimate couples massage experience that's utterly romantic. The skilled spa therapists, Bibi and Chanet, excel in transporting both mind and body to a realm of tranquility, leaving behind the cacophony of overflowing inboxes and looming tax deadlines.

Our spa journey commenced in the comforting embrace of a bone-warming hammam, melting away the tensions of daily life. Guided to an oasis of calm, champagne in hand, we indulged in a Tibetan foot sound bath – an experience that felt both sensual and holistic, soothing body and soul. The Lomi Lomi flow massage that followed was a symphony of relaxation, expertly customised by Bibi and Chanet. They harnessed the resonance of singing bowls and offered a choice of three aromatic essential oils: balance, strength, and calm. Our voyage continued to a room where a full-body massage released all physical tensions, leaving me, quite honestly, in a state of absolute zen.

Unmissable Attractions

Copenhagen exudes an unparalleled charm, an invigorating departure from your standard city escapades. Brimming with sophistication, vibrancy, and contentment, Denmark's capital is a haven of tranquility. Be sure to explore the iconic Nyhavn Harbour for those picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy moments. The fantastical Rosenborg Castle evokes fairy-tale wonders, while The Little Mermaid statue, an homage to Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, brings a touch of Ariel and Sebastian to life.

Bon Voyage!

Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen

Address: Nimb Hotel, Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 Copenhagen, Denmark
Telephone: +45 88 70 00 00

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