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Remy Cointreau experience


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4th September 2015

Remy Cointreau is perhaps one of the oldest wines and spirits businesses dating back to 1724. Today, Remy Cointreau’s portfolio contains a number of global brands and has acquired a number of distilleries throughout the years.

Remy Cointreau is currently made up of 9 brands united with 2 divisions: The House of Remy Martin, which offer a great cognacs range of Remy Martin and Louis XIII, and its Liqueurs and Spirits section which include Cointreau, Metaxa, Mount Gay Rum, Bruichladdich, St Remy, Passoa and Izarra.

However, it is surprising to know that even the wines and spirits industry has to compete and constantly deliver innovative products in order to continue attracting its audience. For 2014/15, The House of Remy Martin is seemingly confident with its approach for the financial year as they are “boosted by a new packaging facility and a new spirits cellar both of which were built while respecting the traditions and expertise of a House dating back almost 300 years, yet are modern. Beyond pricing, the ultra-premium strategy is based on a pursuit of excellence allied to renewed creativity, a source of modernity, innovations in the products and in the fields of digital and customer relations.”

Beyond the brand’s performance however, The Sybarite believes that is it the experience that one should try and go through to understand the story and uniqueness of a product such as Remy Cointreau – a brand truly rich in history. Fortunately, The House of Remy Martin offers an exhaustive collection of visits, tours and private eventsforenthusiasts and amateurs.

From cellar to table, is a 4-hour dining experience where Master Chef Philippe Saint Romas will cook up a culinary feast according to your taste using fresh market ingredients accompanied by exquisite cognac from the casks of the Francis cellar to the barrels at the Isly cellar, you will discover two very different worlds. If you are more prone to creativity, Cocktail Creation sees you becoming a mixologist for 2 hours. One will receive manual techniques with the help of a Remy Martin expert to demonstrate your talent in creating short and long drinks. If you love the combination of chocolate and cognac, then About Chocolate, is just for you – taste the ageing eaux-de-vie and its complex flavors of powerful and woody aroma with fine chocolate to accompany the experience. And here’s one for the senses – The Sensory Experience, takes cognac and your senses for a spin, from Olfactory palette, amber hues, silky texture; allow your intuitions free rein.

So, you see, the Remy Martin experiences seem endless if not truly immersive, making it for great gifts for friends or family who enjoy cognac and might want to experience the essence of this fine drink with these unique tours.

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