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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

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By Priya Raj on 16th June 2023

Fashion & Beauty contributor Priya Raj gives readers the ultimate guide to wedding gifting; because “it’s the thought that counts”.

Wedding gifts are a significant part of wedding culture, and in many cultures is how guests share their blessings and good wishes to the happy couple. Traditionally, wedding registries were set up for couples who would be moving into their first home together shortly after the nuptials, But now with some couples cohabiting long before they say ‘I do,’ we can no longer count on the newlyweds to tell us what they want.

As a rule of thumb, even when a registry is not in place, guests are typically expected to bring a gift; often which at least covers the approximate ‘cost per head’ for the couple [unless the wedding invitation specifically requests gifts in another form like a charity donation]. The importance and expectations surrounding wedding gifts can vary across different cultures and social circles. Some cultures place a greater emphasis on elaborate or expensive gifts, while others prioritise the sentiment behind the gift rather than its value.

Regardless of whether you’re known for being a great gift-giver or are usually the person to write their name on the card, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite wedding-appropriate gifts, no matter your budget.

Budget: £0 - £50

Gifts like these Louis Vuitton City Guides, make fantastic low-cost gifts that pack a punch, and can still be personal enough without being overly familiar, and would be a great gift for a work colleague or if you’re a plus one! Bonus points if the city relates to a special memory for the happy couple!

Often when couples are newly-weds, it means lots of hosting dinner parties or gatherings to merge their lives [and friends] together. Gifting something that you might not be likely to buy yourself, like candle holders or napkin rings, won’t go amiss. Of course, every couple has their own taste and aesthetic; take this into consideration when purchasing homewares.

Budget £50-£150

Starting a friend's tableware collection is the ultimate hack if you’re a close friend but, lazy gifter. Being a close friend means you’ll probably keep gifting the newlyweds for various anniversaries and events over the years. Choosing a brand or tableware collection means you can keep adding to their collection; double-check that they liked it first!

Yep, this is a lot of money to spend on a candle, but not only will it be a wonderful ambiance tool for romantic nights, but once the candle has burned, the couple can continue to use it as a vase or ornament.

Budget £150+

Nothing says luxury like his & hers matching travel cases, perfect for jet-set couples! If you really want to push the boat out, why not put in some sunscreens or useful toiletries if they newlyweds are heading on an exotic honeymoon soon after the wedding.

For any old-world couples known for their penmanship or just fans of hand-written notes. This is the perfect gift for the people who found the ‘write’ one!

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