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House of the Dragon Filming Locations Guide


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By Niamh Walsh on 24th October 2022

After a shocking series finale that left its viewers jaws on the floor, House of the Dragon won't be returning to our screens until 2024. However, we've conjured up a remedy to soothe your weekly withdrawal. Check out our travel guide to the most beautiful filming locations used in HBO's House of the Dragon.

Amongst the machiavellian scheming, dragon-riding and the occasional appearance of feet, one of the most cinematic aspects of House of the Dragon is the programme's beautiful filming locations. Before they become tourist hotspots, make sure to visit the locations and stand in the same path as some of your favourite actors, we're talking about you Matt Smith. Also, a lot of them are in the UK, and car friendly!

Castleton, Derbyshire, England - The Vale of Arryn

The House of the Dragon showrunners decided to go in a different direction when recreating the Vale of Arryn, using a different location to their predecessors Game of Thrones. Filmed in Castleton, Derbyshire, the beautiful English landscape features as a backdrop for the fateful reunion of Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and his wife Rhea Royce (Rachel Redford).

The entire production took place in the vicinity of the small village in the county of Derbyshire - 228 km from London. A town of less than 700 inhabitants, Castleton is famous for its caves, including Blue John Cavern, Peak Cavern, Treak Cliff Tavern and Speedwell Cavern. Attractions are also offered to visitors all year round and hiking opportunities abound.

St. Michael’s Mount in Mount's Bay, Cornwall, England - Driftmark

Episode five brought viewers back to Cornwall, as St. Michael's Mount was used as the filming location for High Tide on the island of Driftmark. The famous castle featured as the ancestral seat of the Velaryon family.

St Michael's Mount is a tidal island located in Mount's Bay, Cornwall, close to the town of Marazion and linked to the shore by a narrow causeway at low tide. Home to the St Aubyn family as well as a small community, this iconic island is crowned by a medieval church and castle – with the oldest buildings dating to the 12th century. Immerse yourself in history, wonder at the architecture and discover the legend of Jack the Giant Killer. You can also explore the sub-tropical terraced garden and enjoy breath taking views of Mount’s Bay. 

Monsanto, Portugal - Dragonstone

House Targaryen’s ancestral home, Dragonstone, is actually a small, central town in Portugal, named Monsanto (Holy Mountain).

Created over 500 years ago, this is one of the 12 historical villages of Portugal. It retains its aesthetics and old-world charm, also called 'the city of stones’ because of its giant boulders and rugged hills.

Located in the countryside of Beira Baixa, it is around 25 km from the Spanish border.

La Calahorra, Granada, Spain - Pentos

A name any GOT fan would have recognised from the original series Pentos. The fictional city lies near the seas of Westeros, the main continent in the world of GOT, so it seems only natural that we used the beautiful locations of our Spanish friends to the South for the HOTD Pentos scenes, filmed in La Calahorra, Spain.

The origin of the castle traces back to the Moors but after they took up Christianity as their religion, it was given to the local Christian aristocracy. It is also said that this castle functioned as a prison during the Spanish Reconquest. Having a gothic architecture, this castle has four towers and a courtyard.

This is not the first time Spain has featured in the world of GOT, as Seville was used in the original series as the location for House Martell of Dorne.

Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain - King's Landing

And finally, the capital city of Westeros, and where the controversial reigning King Aegon II now resides, was actually filmed in Spain too. If you're a traveller who loves architecture, then Cáceres is your place to be. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, "the city’s history of battles between Moors and Christians is reflected in its architecture, which is a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles.”

This old town, used as a trade route in the 15th and 16th centuries, is located in Extremadura, an autonomous community, lying southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Popularly known for its magnificent towers, including the Bujaco and Yerba, the heritage city elicits subtle architectonic vibes through its streets, walls and lanes. This historic city served as the perfect one to depict King’s Landing in not just House of the Dragons but in the original Game of Thrones too (in season 7).

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