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22nd February 2017

London: Transcending Boundaries at Pace Gallery

The exhibition will explore the role of digital technology in transcending the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between different artworks, with imagery from one work breaking free of the frame and entering the space of another. The installations also dissolve distinctions between artwork and exhibition space and involve the viewer through interactivity.

The aim isn’t just to play around with ideas of birth and death, but to create something that’s constantly changing and unique to each viewer. Butterflies will emerge from where you’re standing, waves will roll, flowers will bloom.

There are no ropes around paintings or guards standing in the corners of this show. The TeamLab masterminds want to do away with the boundaries between you and the art, so that it literally comes off the walls and spills onto the floor or fills the air, so that you – the viewer – become an integral, vital part of the art.
January 25 - March 11

New York: Illusion at Liberty Science Centre

Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems is designed to make you question your perception of the world around you, and perhaps reality itself. The exhibition’s dozens of thought-provoking exhibits explore principles rooted in magic, art, neuroscience, physics, biology, psychology, and technology.

Gaze into a mirror and watch yourself morph into your inner animal. See how theatre, haunted houses, dark amusement park rides, and magic tricks use a special effects technique called Pepper’s Ghost to deceive you. Let a colony of illuminated bugs crawl up your arm! The exhibit includes optical, perceptual, and audio illusions. Science and art intersect in this mind-boggling, mesmerising exhibition.
February 4 – August 27

Paris: Jean-Luc Moulène at The Centre Pompidou

Invited to conceive a retrospective of his works, Moulène chooses to present a "retrospective of protocols": a program of production of about thirty new pieces demonstrating his research. The artist is first known for his photographic practice. His most recent work on objects is now in a central position. The use of technologies derived from industrial design combined with careful experimentation of materials allows the creation of works whose "accuracy" is one of the first conditions. Anchoring his reflection in mathematics, and especially in set theory, the artist explores operations such as intersection, laterality, and cutting, in a tension between body and object. His works question metaphorically the common space, the form that this space takes, its interaction with the individual space. Here the objects are "in conversation", less with the viewer than with the other objects.
19 October 2016 - 28 February 2017

Barcelona: Miss Van at Victor Lope

French artist Miss Van, who has developed a large part of her artistic life in Barcelona, where she currently resides, started her career in 1993. At just 20 years old, Miss Van created street murals as one of the pioneer women in the world of street art. Now she's exhibiting once again in Barcelona, where she hasn't had a show since 2005, with 'Flor de Piel'. This includes some 20 works, some of them never before exhibited and others that were recently shown in the Centre of Contemporary Art (CAC) in Málaga. 
Until Saturday March 11 2017

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