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Casa Angelina


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6th July 2018

Praiano is a tourist-free former fishing village between Positano and Amalfi, where you can find the enchanting Casa Angelina, accessible only by a steep and twisting private road.

We took the hotel’s taxi shuttle from the beautiful town of Positano, where the greatest draw is the exceptional view over both Positano and Capri, and the Li Galli islands.

On first impression, Casa Angelina looks like a Bond villain’s lair, half hidden within the cliff-edge and decorated in a particularly minimal fashion; almost completely white except for a few vibrant murano sculptures dotted around. The interior is crisp and sharp – perhaps not an ideal location for families with children as there are no scuff marks in sight.

Thrilling Bond films aside, this hotel offers guests relaxing seclusion. Within the serene hotel there is a small, albeit picturesque, swimming pool amongst the lemon trees and a stylish terrace, overlooking the azure of the Amalfi Coast. This boutique hotel offers two other options for swimmers; a heated hydrotherapy pool in the gym, and a private beach 200 steps down from the hotel, which is much more lively.

The 43 rooms, including four beach-side apartments, host exquisite views, and along with the fabulous top suites, with their huge private terraces and breathtaking views, the standard rooms, admittedly not quite as spacious but absolutely immaculate, contain immaculate details such as pristine white Etro cotton sheets and carefully placed garnishes of garden-grown herbs on your plate.

Speaking of which, the top-floor restaurant Un Piano nel Cielo (Floor in the Sky) has more amazing views and really good modern Italian food, a cut above that of many of the more famous hotel restaurants along the coast. There are also some gorgeous and healthy dining options, which are all fresh – especially the water menu alongside the wine list.

From Praiano, with love.

Capriglione, 147, Praiano, 84010, Italy.

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