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The Quint-essential Charm of Château Quintus


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By Niamh Walsh on 19th July 2023

An ancient vineyard with an extraordinary past, present, and future

Nestled in the enchanting region of Saint-Emilion, where history intertwines with nature's splendour, lies a remarkable vineyard with a rich heritage and a promising future. Welcome to Château Quintus, the fifth child of the esteemed Domaine Clarence Dillon family of wines. This magnificent estate unveils an exceptional terroir, perched majestically on a limestone promontory, offering a breathtaking 360-degree view that captivates the soul.

The Evolution of Château Quintus

The story of Château Quintus begins with its name, a tribute to the Gallo-Romans, the visionary creators of Saint-Emilion's legendary vineyards. The Gallo-Romans had a tradition of naming their fifth child Quintus, symbolising the significance and excellence associated with this number. Domaine Clarence Dillon has chosen to honour this tradition, evoking the glorious predecessors who shaped the vineyards we marvel at today.

The origins of Quintus trace back to 2011, when Domaine Clarence Dillon acquired a magnificent property in Saint-Émilion, renaming it Château Quintus. In subsequent years, the estate expanded with the acquisition of two neighbouring properties in 2013 and 2021. Now spanning 45 hectares of land, including 42 hectares of vineyards, Château Quintus stands as one of Saint-Émilion's largest and most revered properties. These three estates, steeped in history and renowned for their excellence, form the foundation of a wine estate dedicated to producing one of Saint-Émilion's finest wines.

Scenic view of Château Quintus.
Scenic view of Château Quintus.

A Model of Phenomenal Biodiversity

Beyond the world of wine, Château Quintus is a haven of biodiversity, boasting a Mediterranean Green Belt and lush woods that contribute to its unique ecological richness. A recent survey conducted on the property reveals an astonishing profusion of auxiliary fauna and flora, thriving not only in the vineyard but also in the surrounding hedgerows and woods.

Perched high on its limestone promontory, Château Quintus commands a sweeping 360-degree panorama that leaves visitors breathless. The terroir's outstanding features, comprising diverse micro-climates and limestone soils, serve as the nurturing cradle for the noble Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties.

Scenic view of Château Quintus.
Scenic view of Château Quintus.

The Exceptional Wines of Quintus

Château Quintus wines are crafted to express the clay-limestone terroir of Saint-Emilion. Finesse, elegance, and minerality are the hallmarks of these wines, which balance the various orientations of the property—facing south, west, and north. This diversity of positions and terroirs grants the winemaking team a broader palette for creating exquisite blends, ensuring each vintage reflects the unique character of the land.

Le Dragon de Quintus, the second wine of Château Quintus, derives its name from the dragon statue that stands tall above the magical terroir of Saint-Emilion. This awe-inspiring sculpture, crafted by Mark Coreth, watches over the estate from its perch high upon the promontory. The dragon, a legendary guardian with keen eyesight, becomes the emblematic symbol of Château Quintus, symbolising protection of a priceless treasure—the exceptional wines born from this land.

Saint-Emilion de Quintus, Vintage 2016.
Saint-Emilion de Quintus, Vintage 2016.

One such treasure is the Saint-Emilion de Quintus, a wine that receives the same meticulous care and attention as its esteemed counterparts, Château Quintus and Le Dragon de Quintus. Created in 2014, the Saint-Emilion de Quintus draws its character from plots situated on the low ground of the plains of the Dordogne, contributing to its unique flavour profile and allure.

As H.R.H Robert de Luxembourg, Chairman and CEO of Domaine Clarence Dillon, affirms, 

"After more than 10 vintages, I am proud to say that our exceptional winemaking team is excelling at meeting this challenge." 

The team at Château Quintus continues to push the boundaries, striving to create a new star of the Right Bank, where their passion and commitment result in exceptional wines that inspire and captivates. The team also recently basked in the honour of toasting the 95th Oscars® and Nominees, as the official 2023 wine partner of the prestigious Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

A Vineyard in Château Quintus.
A Vineyard in Château Quintus.

Château Quintus, with its ancient vineyard and extraordinary past, is poised for an exceptional future. As the estate awakens to the immense potential of its fabulous terroir, it continues to embody the legacy of the Gallo-Romans, paying homage to the noble traditions of Saint-Emilion, while embracing innovation and excellence. With each bottle that bears its name, Château Quintus invites wine enthusiasts to savour the delightful flavours, and immerse themselves in the enchantment of this remarkable place.

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