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Contemporary Elegance: A Private Art Collector Experience with Rita Del ...


Hand-crafted, luxury experiences curated by our team—speak to our concierge to learn more

Partake in a bespoke art journey guided by Rita Del Curto, Art Sales Director of MTArt Agency. Immerse yourself in private tours of two artist studios, gain insights into leading contemporary artists' practice, and receive personalised tips on art collection. Conclude this luxury experience with a private tour of the MTArt Agency artist space.

Embark on a bespoke art journey led by Rita Del Curto, the esteemed Art Sales Director of MTArt Agency, in an immersive Art Collector Experience that transcends the boundaries of contemporary taste. Discover the extraordinary as you delve into the studios of two highly revered artists, exploring their newest creations and gaining profound insights into their artistic practice.

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Cannes. Bella hadid attends the screening of broker during the 75th news photo 1653584185. Flag of France

Attend the 78th edition of the Festival de Cannes

Every May, The Cannes Film Festival takes center stage as the premier event in the European film calendar. Established in 1946, it graces the Palais des Festivals et Des Congres with its annual presence. The coveted Palme D’Or, the festival's most prestigious award, is bestowed upon the finest film of the year.

Artist studio visit, london, 3. . Artist studio visit, london, 1. Flag of United_kingdom

The Art Collector Tour with Rita Del Curto

Delight in the seamless elegance of a private car escorting you to the studio of an MTArt Agency artist, followed by an exclusive one-on-one tour of a meticulously curated personal collection within the timeless splendour of an iconic Georgian home in Marylebone—an exquisite journey spanning over a decade of art collecting in the heart of London's cultural tapestry. You will view works from the likes of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Lorenzo Quinn and Léo Caillard.

Ash table 2. Ash table 2 1704970945. Flag of United_kingdom

Create Your Own Bespoke Marble Furniture

From selecting the perfect stone to choosing finishes and designs, to the precision of the final cut, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you, transforming your ideas into tangible expressions of luxury and individuality. Our partner's design ateliers are rooted in the heart of Paris, serving as the backdrop for the inception of your custom creation. They understand the importance of crafting furniture that resonates with your unique taste and style, and our shared commitment extends to ensuring that the final piece is a true reflection of your vision.

Moroccohighres1. Moroccohighres2. Flag of Morocco

Pilates Retreat in Marrakech

If you decide to join us on our Pilates holidays, you'll be contacted before the holiday to find out your Pilates background and medical history. With this information, your lessons can be tailor-made and provide you with the best possible Pilates lessons, as well as delicious local food.

Alexandre trouve wyambxylzi4 unsplash. Afif ramdhasuma em5rsfcluda unsplash. Flag of United_states

Your Bespoke Cigar Blending Experience

At this unique Cigar Factory, our partner believes that true cigar aficionados deserve the best. That's why we are excited to introduce our partner's innovative service that allows you to create your very own premium hand rolled cigar blend. This unique experience puts you in control, ensuring a cigar that is tailored to your exact preferences and tastes.

80ee71a0_dreamstimem30288602. B292e8db_xiahemonkdt. Flag of China

A 48 Day Adventure Tracking the Great Silk Road from...

Spanning across Asia, this epic odyssey stretches from Xi'an in central China to the enchanting city of Istanbul in Western Turkey, covering a staggering distance of approximately 12,000 kilometres and traversing six contrasting countries.

Marilyn triptych 1697206905. Marilyn triptych 1697206905. Flag of United_kingdom

The Russel Young Exhibition: The Sybarite x Maddox Gallery

When: 1 Dec 2023 - 03 Feb 2024 Sign up using our enquiry box!

Jessica 1697474552. UNDER £20k: Various Sizes by David Shrigley. Flag of United_kingdom

Art Under £20k: The Sybarite x Maddox Gallery

Embark on an artistic journey with Maddox Gallery's latest arrivals, which showcase the creative brilliance of acclaimed artists such as Harland Miller and David Shrigley. The collection has been thoughtfully curated to bring you a diverse range of vibrant artworks, each individually priced below £20,000.   These captivating pieces offer a unique opportunity to elevate your space with originality and style, making art more accessible and enjoyable for all art enthusiasts. Explore the colours, concepts and craftsmanship that define these exceptional works and add a touch of inspiration to your world.

Unnamed. Japan. Flag of Japan

A Journey to Unearth Japan's Ancient Cultures & Crafts

TRIP HIGHLIGHTS A journey to unearth Japan's ancient cultures & crafts Discover how these traditions still have a purpose in modern Japanese society Learn the true concept and essence of Zen Buddhism Visit ancient Kyoto, Mt Fuji and cutting-edge Tokyo, in this journey through the ages Enjoy privileged access to lesser-known experts in their field Stay in a traditional ryokan and an exquisite country villa

Petra kouzina. Img_0172. Flag of Greece

Santorini's Best Cooking Workshop Experience

Fore more than 4 years, our partner has been receiving guests in their home in Santorini, to teach them how to cook traditional Greek food and share with them their hospitality. This isn't merely a cooking demo but rather bringing people together around food and culture, offering guests a moment to bond, to share, to learn, to enjoy, to relax and to connect with traditions.

Villa ghan'nu master bedroom 1663678089. Cap karoso room 2. Flag of Indonesia

Experience Off the Radar Cap Karoso

Set on the captivating, off-the-radar Indonesian island of Sumba, Cap Karoso is a pioneering island getaway with meaningful community engagement and sustainability at its heart. This eco-conscious haven comprises 47 rooms and 20 villas and a three-hectare organic farm. Dedicated to modern conscious hedonists who want to truly immerse themselves in Sumba’s rich heritage and wild topography, Cap Karoso is shaped by three core pillars: sustainability, culture and community. Guests can expect complete immersion in Sumba’s magic and culture – with an added dash of Parisian flair, reflecting the owners’ European roots

Floating tents by puffy cloud river. Adventurous woman standing on white water rocks. Flag of Cambodia

Sustainable Sybarite: Glamping in Cambodia

Culture and tradition are very important and the team are eager to show you all that the area has to offer, from the magnificent waterfalls to the fascinating nature trails. They are always excited to show you animals and plants you may never have seen before, or taste herbs and spices that you have never even heard of. Learning about their country through food and facts is an exciting experience for all our visitors. The first time a guest tries a local Khmer sauce or hears the sound of a wild monkey always brings a smile to their faces.